Green Pass, the council of ministers approves the decree: obligation for external school staff and RSA workers

Green Pass, the council of ministers approves the decree: obligation for external school staff and RSA workers
Green Pass, the council of ministers approves the decree: obligation for external school staff and RSA workers

The cabinet gives the green light to the decree extending theGreen pass obligation al external school staff (in particular employees of people and at cleaning) and there RSA workers. Fines from 400 to one thousand euros for those found without the green certificate in the educational establishments and in university. The same applies to workers who, in the RSA, non they respected thevaccination obligation. The sanction will also be applied to managers and employers called to supervise by implementing controls. The obligation of the green pass to enter schools “it does not apply to exempt individuals from the vaccination campaign on the basis of suitable medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health ”.

In particular, the draft of the decree reads “Until 31 December 2021, deadline for the cessation of the state of emergency, in order to protect public health, anyone who accesses the structures belonging to university institutions and high artistic, musical and dance training, as well as other higher education institutions linked to universities must possess and must exhibit the COVID19 green certification referred to in Article 9, paragraph 2“. E “The provisions of article 9-ter also apply to the school staff of the educational services for children, evening courses and provincial centers for adult education (CPIA), regional education and training systems Professional (IeF.P.), of the regional systems that carry out the courses of Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS) and of the Higher Technical Institutes (ITS). The checks referred to in paragraph 4 of article 9-ter are carried out by school managers and by the heads of the aforementioned institutions “. The document also states that “In the event that access to the facilities is motivated by reasons of service or work, the verification of compliance with the requirements (…) must also be carried out by the respective employers. The verifications of the COVID-19 green certifications are carried out in the manner indicated by the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers adopted pursuant to article 9, paragraph 10. With a circular from the Minister of Education, further verification procedures may be established “.

The obligation to show the Green pass to anyone who enters a school, apart from students and exempt from the vaccine, “is a logical and sensible measure, but it will be a further burden of work for the school staff who will have to check the certifications every day” and for parents with children in kindergarten or primary school who usually accompany the children inside the school buildings. He told the Adnkronos Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Principals, certain that it will be necessary to evaluate “whether to increase the school staff by one unit, that is, who is predisposed to access control. The funds are there but it will already be necessary to increase with an additional assistant in the administrative secretariat to check the verd certifications. I don’t see alternatives ”, repeats the national president of the principals,“ A super app like for school staff is unthinkable. Lessons will begin on the 13th, we will take a few days to evaluate this operation on the basis of the resources available for the school ”.

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