IoApro event in Rome: distances from Casapound

IoApro event in Rome: distances from Casapound
IoApro event in Rome: distances from Casapound

Umberto Carriera, disputed restaurateur from Pesaro among the founders of IoApro, distances himself from the right-wing social center Casapound after the moments of tension that occurred yesterday during the event that took place in Rome. He made it clear to Rainews24.

The event denied

Demonstration in the capital that had been denied to the movement IoApro after the clashes that occurred last Tuesday under Montecitorio. The movement had explained to “remedy” this by supporting the protest of the Roman restaurateur of the “Roma Più Bella” association. The latter, Roberta Pepi, however, clarified on Radio Capital: “We these people of the IoApro association do not know them. If they have boasted relationships with us they are mythos. These people mentioned our name without having any contact with us“.

The same movement also returned to the issue of authorization, taking to the streets after launching the demonstration on social media at the end of a sort of ultimatum to the government, which accused the Rome police headquarters of not telling the truth: “The Rome police headquarters had justified the refusal of Piazza Montecitorio, informing us of the presence of another demonstration of Roman restaurateurs that we would have gone to support. All this turned out to be a hoax to deny us the demonstration in Montecitorio. We then asked for another square, any, of their choice and they replied again that there were none available: it is a pity that yesterday there was no event in Rome in the afternoon …”They write in a long post on Facebook. Charging to the Minister of the Interior chaos and unrest as a consequence of the failure to assign a square and the failure of busses of demonstrators headed for Rome.

The “hold” of Momi

Finally, there is a passage on Momi, Mohamed El Hawi, Florentine restaurateur owner of the Da Tito restaurant. The latter last night released a video in which he explained that he had been hunted – as shown in the Local Team videos – and that he would have walked away helped by the demonstrators because there would have been no reason to be stopped. “TO at some point they tried to get me out of the way, maybe because I’m the somewhat spiritual leader of the protest, they tried to carry me off the load – has explained – I’m thinking of reporting the fact, it’s okay to turn the other cheek but yesterday I was sick and I’m still sick”.

IoApro also disseminated the requests made after the demonstration, during the meeting with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Claudio Durigon. “Reopening of activities in safety with the protocols already approved by the CTS, without time slots from April 20; new “Support Decree” (will go to the court next week) increase from 10 to 40 billion euros; No Vaccinal Pass (rather we remain closed, but we want to be free to welcome all customers into our activities); No exclusive use of credit cards; Speranza resigns (Health Minister Roberto Speranza, ed) “.


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