Blitz against no-vax. They wrote in chat: «Tritolo on Parliament with a drone. Let’s blow up the TV trucks “

Blitz against no-vax. They wrote in chat: «Tritolo on Parliament with a drone. Let’s blow up the TV trucks “
Blitz against no-vax. They wrote in chat: «Tritolo on Parliament with a drone. Let’s blow up the TV trucks “

From the early hours of today, the State Police has been carrying out home and computer searches against members of the no vax world who, through a Telegram group, have shown violent intent to be carried out on the occasion of public demonstrations. The investigations, coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office which delegated the local Digos and the Postal Police department, are aimed at subjects residing in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Venice and Padua.

Three “warriors” among the suspects

On Telegram, the suspects in the operation of the State Police coordinated by the District Anti-Terrorism Section of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, which today led to numerous searches in various regions, were defined as “the warriors”. The No Vax fringe, which had intended to build rudimentary “do-it-yourself” bombs and to procure knives, was made up of 3 women and 5 men, all in their fifties, except for a 33-year-old man. Two of them, including the creator of the chat, are from Milan, two from Rome, one from Bergamo, one from Reggio Emilia and then two from Veneto, from Padua and Venice. The latter, a woman, was a sympathizer of Venetian independence, whose license for sports use was withdrawn in 2019 for psychiatric problems. Among them are unemployed, workers, employees of commercial chains and the keeper of an apartment building, without links with extremist groups on the right or left, or with the anarchist wing.


The fuse that raised the level of verbal violence was the extension of the green pass

Only one violent chat. “At the moment, it does not appear from our monitoring that there are other similar chats, with No Vax that instigate violent actions”, said the executives of Digos Guido D’Onofrio during a meeting at the police station in Milan. and of the Lombardy Postal and Communications Police Department, Tiziana Liguori. The Telegram group of which the 8 suspects were the inspirers had about 200 participants. The discussion of extending the green pass was the trigger that raised the level of verbal violence. “It is as if these hate chambers (chats, ed) explode the worst of these people who in this restricted circuit feel free to say the most poisonous things, which perhaps they would never have allowed themselves to say in a public context” Digos executive Guido D’Onofrio explained at a press conference.

They exchanged Draghi’s address, even the entenne of 5G in the crosshairs

In the Telegram group “i guerrieri” at the center of the anti-terrorism investigation of the Milan prosecutor’s office, the no green pass activists exchanged information on the place where Prime Minister Mario Draghi lives. “Mario Draghi’s apartment is located at the number of … neighborhood of … this source is safe”, reads the screenshot of a chat, in which the user no vax asked the other members of the group to verify that the alleged address of the premier was the right one. The 5G antennas are also in the sights of the “warriors”: «We have to burn, they are well exposed…. Just have the right aim from a distance. You can put many of them out of use at the same time so that they will go mad running after them to fix them. ‘

They planned to blow up Parliament with TNT with a drone

In one of the conversations with which the no vaxes involved today in the operation of the State Police instigated violence, there was talk of blowing up the Parliament with TNT, using a drone. However, it would not be a question of a project, but of ravings, defined by the investigators as “pure delusional hatred”. “To raze the Parliament with all of them inside – it says – just a small drone piloted at a distance from one of the rooftops of Rome … a 500 grams of TNT and you let it fall during the session”. The no vaxes of the incriminated Telegram channel were also convinced that the parliamentarians were not really vaccinated but that, “well aware of a genetic engineering experiment in progress”, they would have had “only a physiological solution inoculated”. The other targets were the palaces of power which they objected to carrying out “a system design of domination”. In the chat monitored by the postal police, the eight suspects – aged between 33 and 53 – in fact spoke of “occupying the palaces” of power in Rome. They were moving to create a nationwide “network” for violent actions and were planning an operational and preparatory meeting, either in a physical location or by staying on digital channels, for Saturday’s ‘no Green pass’ demonstration in Rome. They would have also already wanted to create unrest during the visit, which was later canceled, of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to Padua, which was scheduled for 2 September.

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