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Green Pass, Cdm gives the ok for compulsory school and RSA

Green Pass, Cdm gives the ok for compulsory school and RSA
Green Pass, Cdm gives the ok for compulsory school and RSA

Today is the day of the Green Pass: in the Chamber the vote on the decree of August 6, which extended the green certificate to long-distance transport, to indoor bars and restaurants and prolonged the state of emergency. In parallel, the council of ministers met to enact a new decree to deal with the Covid emergency in the school, with the extension of the Green Pass to all staff as anticipated in the last hours by the Minister for Education Bianchi, and in the RSA.

Bianchi: “If the school starts again Italy starts again. Yes to the obligation of the Green pass”

The council of ministers: Green Pass for schools and RSA

Started shortly after 12, the council of ministers was called to examine the new decree containing “Urgent measures to deal with the emergency from COVID-19 in schools, higher education and social health – welfare (Presidency – Education – University and research – Health) ». As expected, it has decided to include in the text of the decree the obligation of the Green Pass for internal and external RSA personnel. And for those who enter schools and universities, including workers in canteens and cleaning companies.

Until now, the obligation for schools concerned professors and for universities also students. The school managers will check the certificates: from 13 September, Minister Bianchi assured, the special digital register will come into operation. Profs who do not have the Green Pass are considered “unjustified absentees”, and after the fifth consecutive day they are suspended.

Politicians and the Green Pass, what happens inside the Parliament: “In the buvette yes, in the classroom no: does it make sense?”

During the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Mario Draghi would have said that soon there will be “a wide extension” of the obligation of the green pass. The government, therefore, while choosing the path of graduality, does not intend to yield on the line of rigor. In the next few days we will work to arrive at a new measure with the extension of the Green Pass also to catering staff and to that of trains, ships and local public transport. Then we will address the thorniest issue, that of the obligation for public employees and private companies.

School, double screening and quarantine to return to class safely: the rules

The vote in the House
On the second front, that of the vote in the House, as per rumors filtered in the morning, the League has changed course, voting in favor of the text. Accomplice, according to sources inside the Carroccio, a phone call from Prime Minister Draghi to the Northern League leader. 259 votes in favor, 34 against and 2 abstentions. However, the numerous defections among the leagues’ banks should be noted: in the classroom at the time of the vote there were only 45 deputies out of the 132 of the Carroccio. Among the opponents were the deputies of the Brothers of Italy and some of the Mixed group. The text will also have to be discussed in the Senate.

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