Departments invaded by no vax: “Hostile and difficult to manage”

Departments invaded by no vax: “Hostile and difficult to manage”
Departments invaded by no vax: “Hostile and difficult to manage”

Dialectical clashes, hostility and mistrust towards doctors, but also stressed health personnel put to the test by patients hospitalized for Covid who do not accept scientific evidence. A post on Facebook by Professor Bruno Cacopardo, which went viral in a few hours, paints a clear picture of the current health situation. The doctor, formerly a member of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Sicilian Region, tells what happens in the infectious disease department that he directs in the Garibaldi Nesima hospital in Catania, between hospitalizations, no vax and tired health workers.

“Like any no vax – writes the professor at the beginning of his reflection – I too want, in a hurry, to go back to hugging and kissing relatives and friends. But my desires for liberation, individual and collective, are contrasted by the reality I am living: anything but virtual. The hospital wards are filled daily with cases with a level of severity ranging from moderate to severe. The filling rate of the emergency rooms and wards is of such magnitude as to exceed the corresponding rate of emptying.

Cacopardo rattles off the numbers of his department. “For some months now, the population of the most serious patients (those for whom therapeutic efforts become dramatic and unsolved) has progressively selected in a worrying way: in 10 cases out of 10, in 29 cases out of 30, in 48 cases out of 50, in 96 out of 100 cases, they are subjects not subjected to any vaccination for SarsCoV2. I do not give these numbers by chance: they are taken from the experience gained in the department I manage. Mind you, there are cases of Covid19 among vaccinated subjects, but in daily clinical practice, they concern the elderly or immunosuppressed who have not responded at all to the two vaccine doses (non-responders: 6-8%). All the cases of infection that I have observed, however, among the immunocompetent vaccinated, have resolved without problems with banal and non-disabling manifestations “.

And again: “For what has been said, the wards are filling up with sick patients who have never been vaccinated. The same thing is happening in all parts of the world, absolutely all of them. With the exception of 3 or 4 countries that have such high rates of vaccination involvement and such low vaccination failure rates (United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Israel) as to reproduce the paradoxical effect of hospitalizing only non-responders to vaccination ”.

Then he goes into the merits of the no vax question: “A part of the unvaccinated in Italy was unable to do so: due to real contraindications or because they were badly advised (by backward or outdated health professionals, but also by friends, relatives and neighbors). A significant portion, on the other hand, gave up for manifest hostility towards the vaccine and what it, in some way, represents ”.

And then the hostility between patients who are reluctant to care and stressed healthcare professionals. “These last patients (whose reasons and whose militancy I do not discuss) when they are hospitalized, are understandably very complex to manage: they nourish the mood of prisoners of war and manifest a full-blown hostility towards the environments that host them, of the health care and any therapeutic effort. Convincing them to undergo treatment is a daring and complex procedure, often the subject of laborious negotiations. Even the recovery is greeted by unpleasant mutterings and very burdensome affirmations for those who have made so much clinical commitment (“you did nothing, I would have been cured anyway”). These (frankly provocative) attitudes combined with the persistent hospital overcrowding by unvaccinated patients risk influencing the moods and tolerance levels of healthcare personnel. These are still individuals (weak and fallacious as they belong to the human race) who have been in the trenches for over 18 months, in difficult environmental conditions, forced to the oppressive burden of individual protective devices and often deprived of the enjoyment of appropriate holiday periods, even in the hottest phases of the summer season “.

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