Murder in the Verona area: Chiara had a rag with bleach in her mouth – Chronicle

Chiara Ugolini, the 27-year-old found killed the other night in her apartment in Calmasino, Veronese, had a rag soaked in bleach (or other corrosive substance) in her mouth. Crime for which one of his neighbors, Emanuele Impellizzeri, 38, is in prison. ANSA learns this from qualified sources. The girl had a single bleeding from the mouth, compatible with the hypothesis of internal bleeding, but no signs of bruising to the body or head. This would make the hypothesis of a push less solid, which would have made her fall to the ground, as said by Impellizzeri, which the young woman had surprised on the balcony.

The hypothesis of sexual assault against the victim is the one on which the investigators are looking for confirmation, in the reconstruction of the dynamics of the crime. The arrested, Emanuele Impellizzeri – we learn from qualified sources – had scratches not only on the face, but also on the neck. A sign that he would have engaged in a real fight with the girl after seeing the neighbor who was trying to enter from the terrace. The young woman was surprised while she was dressing. He was not subjected to sexual violence.


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Murder Verona area Chiara rag bleach mouth Chronicle

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