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Bonus without ISEE: € 1600 from INPS to everyone! It expires in September

Bonus without ISEE: € 1600 from INPS to everyone! It expires in September
Bonus without ISEE: € 1600 from INPS to everyone! It expires in September

Now it is something under the eyes of all. The epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 that continues to impose itself on the Italian territories has caused one unprecedented economic crisis on all fronts. Not only are people affected by the disastrous effects of the pandemic families, but also i workers and businesses regardless of the production sector.

In truth, since the first weeks of the spread of the infection on the peninsula, the government team led by the current president of the 5 Star Movement, at the time head of the Government, Giuseppe Conte, has adopted a series of restrictive provisions to try to stop the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, the current premier did it Mario Draghi. In fact, since his inauguration, the former governor of the European Central Bank (ECB) has never made any secret of wanting give priority to the problems directly connected to the epidemiological emergency.

Therefore, subsidies, aid and economic support, consecrated as “Bonuses”, were paid by INPS at a certain temporal frequency in order to amortize the economic hardships felt by those who have been severely tested by the limitations to travel and the stoppage of work activities imposed by the governments that have succeeded in Montecitorio, but indispensable to stem the contagion.

Despite the initial fear of seeing the desired and heavy bonuses and benefits canceled by the now former Conte government and the diversity of the political line of the new executive, the Draghi government could not help but reconfirm many of its predecessor’s measures continuing to follow its path, as well as providingintroductions of new supports.

Among them, a all-inclusive INPS bonus worth € 1,600 intended for particular citizens regardless of the ISEE income threshold to which they belong.

For those interested in knowing which bonuses without ISEE it is possible to request in 2021, we recommend watching an interesting YouTube video of “Mondo Pensione”.

It is about a bonus that has met with unprecedented success but destined to die out at the very end of September. In fact, it will be possible to apply for access to the benefit no later than the deadline set on 30 September 2021.

With a few days to go until the bonus closes, in the course of the article we will provide all interested parties wishing to benefit from the 1,600 euros information necessary to take advantage of the contribution. We will analyze who is entitled to the bonus, Which ones are they the requirements to be met and the conditions to be met in order to access the measure and how to present them application for request to INPS.

Before proceeding, however, we remind readers that the economic indemnity has undergone changes in the amounts over time.

Recently, the Sostegni bis Decree, approved on 26 May last, has adjusted the amount of INPS bonus to be paid, bringing it down to 1,600 euros as desired by the control room of the Draghi Government.

INPS bonus of 1600 euros: what news with Draghi

As previously mentioned, the change of pace at the top of the government did not lead to the feared cancellation of bonuses, subsidies and contributions, desired and introduced by the previous executive Conte. However, it couldn’t be otherwise.

The economic and social crisis unleashed by Covid-19 should not be underestimated at all. That was enough for the new Draghi executive for renew part of the measures already active at the time of his appointment.

Not only that, the rise of new needs has pushed the Draghi government to roll up its sleeves and to issue new provisions to go to financially support those who have been cut off from the concessions that came into force under the former Conte legislature.

Of course, even though these are brand new sizes the goal to be achieved remains the same. In fact, through the disbursement of new bonuses, the aim is exclusively to raise the economic and social situation that was created following the outbreak of the pandemic on the entire Italian territory.

Not losing sight of this goal, the government team led by Mario Draghi has drawn up a new decree-law whose purpose is precisely that of help categories of workers, families and businesses themselves most affected by the negative effects produced by the interruption of work activities and the movements imposed to block the infections.

In this situation, far from advantageous, the government team has seen fit to proceed with the preparation of a new provision approved and published in the Official Gazette.

The reference is to the decree-law number 73 of 25 May 2021, better known as Support Decree bis.

The document led to all” introduction of important news on the subsidies and bonuses front. In addition to extension of the monthly payments of Emergency IncomeIn fact, there was no shortage of new subsidies and changes made to others already alive.

The INPS bonus of 1,600 euros, one-off, aimed at specific categories of workers, those in an evident state of economic difficulty following the Coronavirus pandemic, in the list of concessions affected by the Sostegni bis Decree who saw the light at the hands of the Draghi Government.

INPS bonus of 1,600 euros: how it works

In truth, the Sostegni bis Decree did not lead to the creation of a new concession. The measure entered into force on the last 26 has only revisited a measure already introduced by the previous Conte executive in order to financially support those who in the heaviest months of the pandemic were affected by the loss of work, by the reduction in the number of working hours, with consequences that then had repercussions on paychecks and salaries.

The intervention of the Draghi government only wanted to ensure continuity to the already active INPS bonus worth a total of 2,400 for three months.

Requirements and conditions remain unchanged to be respected in order to access the facility, the only retouch carried out through the Sostegni bis Decree by the government team it concerns the amount of the benefit.

The amount of the INPS bonus went from 2,400 to 1,600 euros, to be paid only for two months.

In conclusion, nothing has been changed except the sums to continue to offer concrete economic support to all workers included in the category of beneficiaries admitted to the bonus who actually need financial help having paid a high price for the stops unfortunately necessary to limit the rise in the epidemiological curve of infections.

INPS bonus without ISEE: who can benefit from the 1,600 euros?

To clarify who can access the € 1,600 INPS bonus it is both the approved text of the Sostegni bis Decree and the Social Security Agency (INPS).

The latter through circular number 90 of 29 June made known to all Italian taxpayers the information and provisions to be respected in order to take advantage of the facility.

First, the INPS bonus without ISEE worth 1,600 euros cannot be requested by everyone. The circular illustrates in detail which ones categories of Italian workers residing in the State access to the benefit is granted.

The € 1,600 bonus is reserved for occasional self-employed workers, holders of a VAT number, ai in charge of home sales and there intermittent workers.

Added to the list are: i workers belonging to the entertainment sector, subordinates in possession of a fixed-term employment contract dated sector of bathing establishments and tourism e i seasonal or temporary workers belonging to sectors other than tourism and spas.

But that’s not all. The INPS circular extends the possibility of obtaining the 1,600 euro bonus also to those who previously had the opportunity to take advantage of the old contribution provided for by the Support I Decree, that is who has benefited from the INPS bonus provided for by article 10 of the decree-law dated 22 March 2021, number 41.

In summary, these are the categories of subjects who have already had access to the bonus amounting to 2,400 euros. The recognition of the 1,600 euro facility for these subjects will take place automatically without the need to submit a new INPS application.

INPS bonus of 1,600 euros: with which measures it is incompatible

The INPS circular itself does not miss an opportunity to remark when it will not be possible to access the INPS bonus of 1,600 euros, or any incompatibility with other measures.

Without too many words, the benefit is not due to those who receive the allowance for agricultural workers, for domestic workers, for professionals who are registered with compulsory social security institutions and so on.

It should be made particular attention to Basic income. The Sostegni bis decree governs the facilitation by specifying l” inability to access the INPS bonus of 1,600 euros if the RdC is received.

Same for NASpI. In particular, access to the benefit is excluded for workers belonging to the seasonal sector, tourism or spas and for temporary workers who benefit from the NASpI unemployment benefit.

1,600 euro bonus: how to submit an INPS application

As for the how to request of the all-inclusive bonus of 1,600 euros rushes to do a series of premises.

In the previous paragraphs we have seen how not everyone is required to submit a new INPS application to access the discount.

All those who have benefited from the € 2,400 tranche of the bonus provided for in the Support Decree I will not have to submit any application. The 1,600 euros will come automatically credited to the current account of the beneficiary to the IBAN indicated at the time of the first request.

How many, instead, they have not benefited from any support so far and want to benefit from the 1,600 euros provided for by the new Sostegni bis Decree must submit an application to INPS no later than 30 September 2021, using the forwarding channels offered by the same institution pension scheme.

Therefore, they will be able to use the contact center service, calling free from landline phone number 803 164, or, from pay mobile phone, number 06 164 164.

Those familiar with technology can apply directly from the INPS portal by logging into the platform via SPID, INPS PINS, CIE or CNS.

In any case, you can contact the tax assistance centers (CAF) or patrons located throughout the national territory.

Journalistic collaborator, born in 1985.
I have a master’s degree in Applied Economics from theUniversity of Calabria. At the end of the university course, I deepened the skills acquired in the field Finance and Statistics at some commercial firms. Currently, I collaborate with various online newspapers for which I write, with flexibility, on topics ranging from economics to politics, from the world of school to that of public administration. Passions? Writing in the first place, graphics in secundis!

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