‘Fake sick’ and record absences: a Sicilian professor investigated

‘Fake sick’ and record absences: a Sicilian professor investigated
‘Fake sick’ and record absences: a Sicilian professor investigated

In three years he accumulated 769 days of absences, justified in most cases by phantom medical visits. A real record for a professor formally resident in Sicily, and precisely in the province of Agrigento, but serving in a technical institute in Pordenone, the ‘Kennedy’. The investigations by the financial police led to the teacher’s complaint, accused of fraud against the state and false certifications: a tax damage of 110 thousand euros was reported to the Court of Auditors.

Absent from school, but did consultancy for a fee

To justify the absences they would have been medical examinations complete with certifications and parental leave, but the financiers, delegated by the Public Prosecutor of Pordenone, ascertained that on the days when he was not present, the professor carried out other paid activities. In short, he would not have gone to school, but would have mainly carried out business consultancy for public bodies and private companies. And it does not end here, because in the periods in which the man was absent from the workplace, he continued to receive the foreseen allowances paid by INPS. In this case, the total amounts to thirteen thousand euros. READ ALSO: Absenteeism in the department

13 thousand euros seized

“Further investigative insights – explains the financial police – made it possible to ascertain that to carry out the consultancy not only the professor had not obtained the authorization from the Administration to which he belonged, but he had also failed to declare, to the entities and companies where he would have carried out his professional activity, to be a civil servant “. ‘Extra’ activities for which he would have received a total of 97 thousand euros. The investigating magistrate of Pordenone, at the request of the prosecutor, issued a preventive seizure order of 13 thousand euros, or compensation for sickness or parental leave already advanced on behalf of INPS. The provision was also confirmed by the Review. The lawyer of the lawyer would have liked to move the investigation to Agrigento, but in July the college chaired by the judge of the Court of Pordenone rejected the request: the investigation thus remains in Friuli.


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