Vaccination obligation, Green pass, third dose: what Figliuolo says

Vaccination obligation, Green pass, third dose: what Figliuolo says
Vaccination obligation, Green pass, third dose: what Figliuolo says

Vaccination obligation, Green pass and third dose. To address the hot topics of recent days, after the words of Prime Minister Draghi at the press conference, today was also the extraordinary commissioner general Paolo Figliuolo visiting the vaccination hub at the Amazon plant in Passo Corese. By announcing that today “80% of the first administrations” of the anti-covid vaccine have been “reached and exceeded” and that “by the end of September we will reach 80% of the audience fully vaccinated or 43 million and 200 thousand Italian citizens aged 12 and over , he said on the obligation to vaccinate: “We must convince, we must go ahead with vaccination. Decisions are made on the evidence, if we manage to scratch the hard core, we will take note of it, if we do not succeed or if we reach a percentage for which we need to do more, I believe that our decision makers, wise and enlightened , they will know what to do. ” ” At this moment – he underlined – there are concerns for that 1 million and 800 thousand people between 50 and 59 years still not vaccinated and even if we have reached 82% of the first inoculations this may not be enough. Out of 9 million and 600 thousand people we still have 1 million and 800 thousand who do not get vaccinated. My appeal is to these people. ”

” We have a huge response in the 19-29 age group that has reached and exceeded 70%, we are around 75%, of first inoculations. A class of people who started getting vaccinated last, ” added Figliuolo.

As for the third dose, “we will start as early as September with those who are defined as immune compromises, those people who need help to respond to the immune system. We are calculating an audience of about 3 million people. Then to follow, following the indications of the Technical-Scientific Committee, we will go on older people, on Rsa, on health care workers and then we will see “. “We are ready to give the third dose to all those who will indicate the scientific community – said the extraordinary commissioner – The two vaccines we have available today are Pfizer and Moderna, we have more than enough quantities, the doses are there. ”.


Vaccination obligation Green pass dose Figliuolo

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