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no vote of confidence and the amendments were withdrawn – Libero Quotidiano

no vote of confidence and the amendments were withdrawn – Libero Quotidiano
no vote of confidence and the amendments were withdrawn – Libero Quotidiano

Eventually a compromise on the examination in the Chamber concerning the Green Pass. The government chaired by Mario Draghi it will avoid the vote of confidence and all the parties of the majority (read the League) withdrew the amendments to the decree law passed on 6 August last. A compromise that serves to save appearances, but that does not shift the substance one iota: the Green Pass can be discussed in the Chamber, but “he will go on” because this is Draghi’s will.

It is now clear that the game is played on two parallel tracks: the political one, made up of clashes and tensions between the majority shareholders to “mark the territory”, and the real one, entrusted solely to the will and decisions of the Prime Minister and the his government team, be it health, economy, work or whatever. As for the Green Pass, in recent days there had been a significant episode on a political level: with a sort of blitz, led by Claudio Borghi, i League deputies during the work in the Commission had voted against the green certificate, together with Brothers of Italy.

Then the Carroccio had tabled 900 amendments, but after the Draghi conference about fifty remained standing. Few but dangerous, because on some the secret ballot which could have produced a disintegration of the majority. In the end, however, a solution was found, also because there is one within the League for a “subversive” Borghi Giorgetti common sense and in favor of extending the Green Pass.

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vote confidence amendments withdrawn Libero Quotidiano

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