“The Church faces the problems of corruption and lack of faith”

Crimes of abuse perpetrated over time – The document underlines that the Church “must accompany people in the suffering caused by the pandemic and poverty”, but above all the emphasis is placed on internal problems: “The Church must deal with the crimes of abuse perpetrated over time. too long the cry of the victims has been a cry that the Church has not been able to hear sufficiently. These are deep wounds that are difficult to heal, for which forgiveness will never be asked enough and which constitute obstacles, sometimes imposing, to proceed in the direction of of walking together. The whole Church is called to deal with the weight of a culture steeped in clericalism “, reads the text.

The role of the bishops – The bishops are the “authentic guardians, interpreters and witnesses of the faith of the whole Church” and “therefore do not fear to listen to the flock entrusted to them” but “the consultation of the People of God does not entail hiring within the Church of the dynamisms of democracy centered on the principle of majority, because the basis of participation in every synodal process is the shared passion for the common mission of evangelization and not the representation of conflicting interests “, adds the document.

The purpose of the Synod – The synodal journey, which will open in October and will take place over a two-year journey, has the objective of placing the Church on a path of “conversion” so that it may be ever more “missionary”. “The purpose of the Synod and therefore of this consultation is not to produce documents, but to make dreams germinate – underlines the Document released in the Vatican -, to arouse prophecies and visions, to make hopes flourish, to stimulate trust, to bind wounds, to weave relationships, to resurrect a dawn. of hope, learn from each other, and create a positive imagery that enlightens minds, warms hearts, restores strength to hands “.


Church faces problems corruption lack faith

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