Goodbye summer: where the storm comes

Goodbye summer: where the storm comes
Goodbye summer: where the storm comes

It will be a weekend under the banner of bad weather what will characterize much of Italy. Temporal and drop in temperatures, will be the predominant features that will lead us more and more towards the autumn season. Ready to hold umbrellas on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12. Unfortunately, this will not be a temporary situation: according to projections, in mid-September, we will deal with the first fresh currents. Could it be time to change our wardrobe? Let’s see what will happen in detail and which regions will be most affected.

The forecast for Saturday 11 September

If we saw a first sign of meteorological change last weekend with the arrival of the first vortex of low pressure which brought severe thunderstorms, the situation will not be so different on Saturday 11. Also in this case, according to experts, due to a Mediterranean cyclone, thunderstorms will have to be expected in a large part of Italy. As early as Friday, the first fresh currents will hit the two major islands and then record a rapid deterioration in the following hours in southern Italy. The most affected will be Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia, with showers and thunderstorms that will leave no room for respite. The situation will not be better in the Alps and Prealps, where heavy showers are expected. A similar condition in the north-eastern extremity of Italy where heavy rainfall is expected in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. Anyone who has planned a day to spend outdoors in these Regions, would do better to change the program right now so as not to see their plans ruined. Sunnier and milder weather elsewhere.

The forecast for Sunday 12 September

Definitely in condition improvement for the day of Sunday where instability should leave room for some respite. The rains will persist only in the eastern area of ​​Sicily and in a large part of Calabria, while the cooler currents will move towards the North bringing strong storms especially on the mountainous areas. The other Regions will still be able to count on an almost stable situation.

Arrival of autumn in mid-September?

If until now we have been confronted with small signs of autumn weather, most likely, starting from mid-September, we will have to start getting used to a real change. Soon we will leave the summer behind and, to point this out to us, it will be the weather conditions that will lead us towards a decidedly cooler climate. From Tuesday 14 September Italy will be hit by a cyclonic vortex who will be responsible for the lowering of temperatures but also for the arrival of widespread rains from North to South. From what emerges from the forecasts, starting from this moment the doors will open to autumn. But you know, the climatic conditions sometimes leave room for surprises and, as always, the short-term updates will be the ones that will best confirm every forecast.


Goodbye summer storm

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