Italian GP F1 2021 times in Monza, live SKY and TV8

Italian GP F1 2021 times in Monza, live SKY and TV8
Italian GP F1 2021 times in Monza, live SKY and TV8

Timetables Italian GP at Monza 2021 of F1, In the weekend of 12 September the Italian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for the famous Brianza circuit. In the Italian Temple of Speed ​​for the second time this season after Silverstone the starting grid is determined by Sprint qualification scheduled for Saturday 11 September at 4.30 pm.

Compared to last season, this year the public, albeit equipped with Green Pass or negative molecular test needed to assist in the run. The Italian GP in Monza is open to the public with the 50% of the capacity. I tickets are for sale online.

Those who will not be in Monza can enjoy the spectacle of the Formula 1 Italian GP 2021 comfortably at home thanks to the live TV its Sky e TV8.

Italian GP F1 2021 timetables live SKY and TV8

Friday 10 September 2021 (FREE PRACTICE)
14.30-15.30: Free Practice 1 (live on Sky Sport F1)
18.00-19.00: Free Practice 2 (live on Sky Sport F1)

Saturday 11 September 2021 (FREE PRACTICE and SPRINT QUALIFYING)
12.00-13.00: Free Practice 3 (live on Sky Sport F1)
16.30: Sprint Qualifying (live on Sky Sport F1 and TV8)

Sunday 12 September 2021 (RACE)
15.00: Race (live on Sky Sport F1 and TV8)

This year the public returns to the Italian GP, ​​at 50% of capacity

F1 Gp Italia 2021 at the Monza racetrack

The Autodrome of Monza is nicknamed the Temple of Speed because it is the fastest circuit in which modern F1 single-seaters race, with top speeds close to 360 km/h thanks to the very light set-ups chosen by the teams to minimize aerodynamic drag on the straight. The track is long 5,793 km and is characterized by long straights, where i 350 km/h, interspersed with decisive braking. The Italian GP in Monza takes place over the distance of 53 turns.

The absolute record of the circuit is 1’18″887, that is the time with which Lewis Hamilton won the pole position in 2020. The track record in the race has lasted since 2004, when the Ferrari F2004 he walked the Monza track in 1’21″046.

Lewis Hamilton holds the absolute Monza F1 record

Here are the key points of the Monza racetrack:

  • Goodyear variant (or variant of the straight): the single-seaters arrive launched along the straight of the pits, the braking is violent after the 150 m sign: you go from 350-360 km / h to only 70-80 km / h in two and a half seconds, downshift to second gear.
  • Biassono curve (formerly Big Curve or Curvone): a long curve to the right with a very wide radius. It can be reached in full acceleration from the Goodyear variant trying to maintain a clean and precise trajectory despite the bumps in the asphalt in the middle of the curve.
  • variant of the Canal: this fast left-right variant is reached at 325 km / ha after having fully covered the Biassono curve. Brakes just before the 100 m sign up to 2-3 nd gear, trying to stay as wide as possible on the right so as not to lose speed at the entrance and allow an excellent recovery towards the two of Lesmo.
  • 1st Lesmo curve: you arrive in acceleration from the variant of the Roggia, it is a curve to the right from 4th gear of medium speed, with blind exit. You try to brake deep in the curve to maintain speed in the central part.
  • 2nd Lesmo curve: second curve to the right of medium speed. You brake after the 50m sign, you let the car slide by touching the internal apex at 160-175 km / h and you look for the maximum recovery towards the long straight that ends at the Ascari variant.
  • Curve of the Seraglio: it is a very slight left bend with an extremely wide radius (over 600 meters); the curve is downhill and corresponds to the start of the second DRS zone. In its final part, the straight crosses the underpass of the North Elevated Curve of the high-speed ring.
  • Ascari variant: it reaches almost 340 km / h, brakes very late trying to maintain speed in the first sharp left turn from 4th gear. After braking, three mirrored left-right-left curves take place in rapid succession, leading to the straight opposite the pits. The exit speed is essential at this point to attempt to overtake at the entrance to the Parabolica.
  • Parabolic curve: in the straight that leads to this very long right with variable radius you reach 330-340 km / h, then brake after the synthetic grass on the left at the 100 meters sign, climb up to 4th gear at about 180-190 km / h, you touch the apex at the entrance and cover the final stretch in full acceleration, sliding outwards and taking the finish straight at already very high speeds.
Map of the Monza F1 circuit

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