Green pass, the majority withdraws all amendments –

Green pass, the majority withdraws all amendments –
Green pass, the majority withdraws all amendments –
from Carlotta De Leo

All the parties of the majority that support the Draghi government, including the League, have withdrawn the amendments to the decree on the green pass: it will therefore not be necessary to resort to the vote of confidence. The leader of the League: “We work for free tampons”

All parties of the majority, including the League, have withdrawn the amendments to the dl green pass, passed on 6 August, under consideration by the Chamber. At this point, the government will not put the trust: the final vote, expected in the afternoon, could be postponed to Thursday for communications on Afghanistan.

«We reiterate our no to any kind of obligation – comments the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini – given that the Italians, in forty million, have already chosen freely. We are working to guarantee health, work and freedom without talking about closures and lockdowns as Minister Speranza does, throwing everyone into despair. We insist on free tampons, especially for minors, disabled people and large families and for the right to school and also to university ».

On the submission of amendments by the parties that support the government led by Mario Draghi a negotiation was underway, which had raised the tension in the majority.

In recent days, in fact, during the work in the Commission, deputies of the League had voted against the green certificate, together with the Brothers of Italy.

The League had tabled 900 amendments. But after Draghi’s words – who had announced at the press conference his desire to “go ahead” – he also asked to avoid a vote of confidence on this matter.

At the time of the withdrawal of the amendments, about fifty remained standing: some had a secret ballot, which could have jeopardized the cohesion of the majority.

The premier is determined to go ahead on the indicated line: the extension with a new decree of the green pass in the workplace, starting with the public employment, and, if that weren’t enough, the obligation to vaccinate.

The ministers are on his side. Roberto Speranza (Health) had confirmed on Monday the extension of the green pass, and also the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti (Development) had said: «The security conditions require that those who frequent crowded places give guarantees not to infect. The green pass goes in this direction, so I foresee an extension».

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