When the green pass obligation in Italy will be lifted

When the green pass obligation in Italy will be lifted
When the green pass obligation in Italy will be lifted

While the government is preparing to extend the green pass obligation to companies and state governments, with a new decree expected between the end of September and the beginning of October, it is also beginning to think about the end of the limitations and return to true normality, when the green pass will no longer be needed.

The idea comes from Denmark, which has removed the obligation of the green pass for access to some places such as museums and restaurants. The Danish Minister of Health has made it known that the pandemic is under control thanks to 73-75% of the population who have completed the vaccination cycle. Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to adopt the green pass (coronapas) to restart social life in safety.

When the green pass obligation in Italy will be lifted

“When we have vaccinated 90% of the population, there will be no need for restrictions, closures and green passes”. This was stated by the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato in an interview with Messenger. “Lazio has exceeded 78% of those over 12 vaccinated, and by the end of September we will reach 85%, he added. Once 90% is reached, it will be right to follow the Denmark model and return to normal life “.

D’Amato recently ended up at the center of the diatribe for his proposal to make people pay no vax for hospitalization care in the case of Covid.

To date, the people vaccinated in Italy are almost 39 million, that is 65,6% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle (data updated to 6 September 2021).

Cts more cautious about eliminating the green pass

“With the goal of 90% of the immunized (national) population, we will be able to think about reopening everything, eliminating limitations”, he said Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Cts. “The more we can vaccinate, the more we can reopen”. But the expert is more cautious about the possible elimination of the green pass as Denmark did.

To the microphones of the Messenger Locatelli said in fact that the green pass is not only a way to incentivize vaccination, but also an important tool for public health, adding that he is in favor of an even more extensive application of the certificate, such as to public administration and law enforcement agencies. As well as vaccinating children when a vaccine for their age group is authorized.

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