Isee: what is it and why is it important?

Isee: what is it and why is it important?
Isee: what is it and why is it important?

How many times have you heard or talked about ISEE without knowing in detail all the rules and details concerning this topic? In the family, with colleagues or friends it is one of the most recurring themes especially when we approach the most feared time of the year: the payment of taxes.

Although you work with people who earn the same salary, on the paycheck usually, the final net is always different. This depends on the tax return which, depending on the family condition and the various possessions, varies the real well-being of each one.

So, we just have to deal in detail with one of the most sought-after topics of recent times: what is the ISEE? How is the calculation done and what are the news for 2021?

Isee: what is it?

The Isee is the abbreviation for indicator of the equivalent economic situation, ie a mathematical calculation of which indicates what the economic background of a person is. Such a tool it is used by families to make various requests for a social benefit on favorable terms.

This means that through the calculation and declaration of the ISEE, people will be able to take advantage of economic aid from entities. It is therefore a certification that will have to be updated every year.

Not all will fall within the circle of benefits, as always there are requisites to be met which are subjective and linked to the applicant’s family condition.

Isee: the single self-declaration

All those who want to get the ISEE, will have to fill in the single substitutive declaration. The document in question must contain all the personal information, income and assets related to the family unit.

These data must be presented in the form of self-declarations that are issued by the Revenue Agency, which deals with the total income, and by the INPS itself for assistance, social security and indemnity treatments distributed by INPS that differ from the condition of disability and not. they are part of the single income for personal income tax purposes.

According to what is read on the INPS website

For the self-declared parties, the person who compiles the DSU, the so-called declarant, is also responsible for the penalty, for what he declares. The family unit considered must be the same as that on the date used for submitting the return. Income refers to the second calendar year preceding the presentation of the DSU, while the movable and real estate assets are those owned on 31 December of the year preceding that of presentation of the DSU.

There are two types of self-declaration: the one useful to calculate The standard ISEE which is used only to request the benefits, the DSU mini must be completed, that is a simple declaration for regular situations.

Instead, the full DSU must be taken into consideration only when it comes to university fees, specific calculations such as socio-health ones.

Once completed, the declaration must be sent at any time of the year. The interested party can present the certification

  • to the organization that distributes the facilitated social service;
  • to the Municipality;
  • to a Tax Assistance Center (CAF);
  • to INPS in online mode, through certain self-service points located within the INPS offices. Otherwise, by going to the website and clicking in the section “On-Line Services – Services for the citizen”.

The single substitutive declaration will be valid until January 15th of the following year and once the ISEE calculation has been received, it can be considered by every person of the same family unit.

Isee: documents required to apply

After having entered the data in the single substitutive declaration, the person in charge will have to make use of additional documents to be sent to the accountant or to whoever will deal with the ISEE application. According to what we read on to calculate the income you will need:

  • Identity document that has a validity in progress;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Family status;
  • lease obligations (with registration details);
  • Last payment made regarding the rent;
  • In the event of invalids within the family unit, certificate of disability for disability greater than 66%. In this case, the receipt of the payment made in the previous year will also be required if the taxpayer is hospitalized in a facility; the certified expenses for personal assistance included in the RP part of the previous tax return.
  • Last Model 730 or Single Model submitted or, in the absence of obligation, the last certification of income issued by the holder on whom you work or pension institution. The same thing also applies in the event that unemployment, redundancy or mobility aid is received.

To calculate the real estate assets, instead, they will need:

  • Account statement of bank and post office current accounts and average stock;
  • Government bonds, contracts, deposit and credit documents, interest-bearing bonds and similar;
  • Custody and bank and postal current accounts;
  • Movements or shares of Italian or foreign collective investment schemes (UCITS);
  • Movements in Italian and foreign companies listed and not listed on regulated markets;
  • For individual assets: the value of the related shareholders’ equity (taking into consideration the latest financial statements; in the case of exemption from the preparation of the financial statements, determined by the portion of final inventories plus the value of depreciable assets net of the relative depreciation);
  • information of the managers of the movable assets (name of the bank or intermediary, ABI code);
  • information relating to all buildings, agricultural land and building areas that you own as per cadastral survey;
  • Remaining amount of the loan for the purchase or construction of property;
  • all mixed life insurance obligations.

The calculation of the Isee

Once all the assets have been declared, the experts will be able to proceed with the calculation of the ISEE. It consists of the

obtain a report between the indicator of the economic context and the measure deduced from the Equivalence Scale reported with the foreseen increases.

In fact, Ise stands for absolute value given by the amount of income and 20% of the movable and real estate assets of each person in the family.

There is an equivalence scale, reported on the INPS website, which through parameters will distinguish a family unit composed of a minimum of people from one with a greater number.

Based on what has been declared and sent, it will be up to INPS to calculate the definitive ISEE. The document will be available to the person concerned within ten working days of receipt of the DSU and can be acquired through access to the services area of ​​the web portal.

You will need a device PIN, a certified e-mail address, otherwise with a specific written document granted by the declarant, through the same body to which the application was made.

When is Isee needed?

Never as in this last period, the declaration of the ISEE is fundamental for some families. Through this document, many people have the opportunity to receive subsidies from the state and concessions.

Many of the bonuses, which you will have heard about for a year now, can only be requested after submitting the ISEE.

Also, since 1988, it serves to use allowance for families with 3 minor children, log into access to maternity leave, to acquire the maternity commission, get a reduction in the costs of school services such as the fees for the canteen, nursery school or obtaining scholarships. Have one reduction inherent in the university fees of their children.

Then again access services of public interest such as the gas and electricity bonus or the reduction of the telephone fee, distribution of the social card, use of home health and social services, assistance and hospitality in a residential facility, exemptions for medical expenses, hospitalization in health care centers, nursing homes and hospitals.

Baby bonus, citizenship income, benefit to separated or divorced parents, welcome to foreign students, Tari bonus, book bonus, Rai fee exemption.

Isee 2021 model news

On 25 August 2021, the decree of the Ministry of Labor dated 5 July 2021 was published in the Official Journal, where there are many news regarding the ISEE.

According to what is read on the public document, 20% of the assets will be needed compared to the previous year in order to present the current ISEE certification. Furthermore, INPS will have the possibility to check any declaration more in depth, with the collaboration of the Revenue Agency.

Together they can analyze the truthfulness of the information declared, also verifying the information relating to the current accounts of the tax payer and his family.

Furthermore, among the novelties of the decree there is also the one concerning the DSU. Inps will be responsible for updating the supplementary form of the substitute declaration within 30 days the only one that will be used to initiate the current certification for those who have undergone capital reductions.

The ISEE will be valid until 31 December of the same year of presentation, even if there should be contextual income variations. In case of need, for changes regarding the occupation or use of the treatments, the update of the certificate must take place within two months.

Isee: goodbye to the crafty ones

Thanks to the recently published decree of the Minister of Labor, it will no longer be possible to try to cheat for a reduction in taxes or for requests for benefits. In fact, from this year INPS will carry out more specific and periodic checks so that the circle of so-called “serial cunning” is eliminated.

According to the law on the decree approved on 5 July 2021

If it is ascertained the undue use of subsidized services attributable to the presentation of a false declaration, the declarant cannot obtain the issue of the current ISEE for the two-year period provided for by art. 75, paragraph 1-bis, of the decree of the President of the Republic of 28 December 2000, n. 445.

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