Ferrari beats Google Maps, Rome-North Cape in 45 hours: it’s Guinness

Ferrari beats Google Maps, Rome-North Cape in 45 hours: it’s Guinness

Historical record of the multiple champion Fabio Barone

Rome, 7 Sept. (askanews) – Fabio Barone and his co-pilot Alessandro Tedino manage to reach North Cape in less than 49 hours in the historic feat. The Italian crew, aboard the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which set off on Saturday 4 September from the Imperial Forums, reached North Cape covering over 4400 km in the official time of 45 hours, 20 minutes and 37 seconds.

With 11 gasoline refuellings all along the route, the two Italians, with an enterprise at the limits of human physicality, are the first in the world to beat Google Maps on a route that has crossed 6 nations. The crew, which never exceeded the regular speed limits while crossing Europe, with the exception of the legendary German motorways, was continuously monitored by the Italian Timekeepers Federation and by a team of 40 technicians and professionals who followed the psychophysical conditions of the two athletes live during the whole enterprise. Two years of planning, work and training that led Fabio Barone and Alessandro Tedino to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The whole event was broadcast live by on-board cameras on the social platforms of “Passione Rossa” under the monitoring of the Italian Timekeepers Federation and in the Porte di Roma Shopping Gallery. “It is a challenge that I liked from the beginning – says Filippo de Ambrogi, center manager of Porta di Roma – not a linear race, but with unexpected events and difficulties. We therefore wanted to tell all our visitors about the event and make them part of an initiative that goes beyond sport ”. The Gallery will also be transformed into a small museum where the Fiat Balilla which in 1953 was used for the expedition to the North Cape, and the two Piaggio Vespas, also protagonists of important enterprises in the North Cape in 2014, will be exhibited.


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