Abortion and the risk of tribalization of public discussion

Abortion and the risk of tribalization of public discussion
Abortion and the risk of tribalization of public discussion

The insightful joke of Biden’s spokesperson Jen Psaki to the journalist who grimly pressed her about abortion now banned in Texas appears very effective: “I don’t think she ever expected a baby.” True, it is much easier for a male to talk about abortion. But the joke contains a danger: the danger of the complete tribalization of public discussion.

You have the right to speak and have your say not for the things you say, but only if you are part of a community, a group, a tribe, otherwise you have to be silent. You can only talk about abortion if you are a woman. You can talk about the Zan bill only if you are part of the Lgtbq + world. You can legitimately talk about racism only if you are not white in skin.

Tribalization could theoretically have aberrant consequences in terms of the style of public discussion: what right do you have to talk about poverty and citizenship income if you have a good income? Or to talk about the Southern question if you weren’t born in the South? Or denounce the misdeeds of Italian justice if you do not have a law degree.

It is not a paradox. Recently the writer Jeanine Cummins was violently criticized for having written a book, “The salt of the earth” translated by Feltrinelli, talking about migrants without being one. And often, as I have already told, I am asked if I am a Jew since I defend the historical reasons of the State of Israel. No, they are not, but the arguments are questionable, not the status of those who support them. The beauty of public discussion is that people who are different and distant are confronted (and quarreled). In the respective tribes there is no longer any discussion. And indeed.


Abortion risk tribalization public discussion

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