The Taliban fired to disperse a protest in Kabul – World

The Taliban fired to disperse a protest in Kabul – World
The Taliban fired to disperse a protest in Kabul – World

The Taliban in Kabul fired to disperse a protest against Pakistan. This was revealed by journalistic sources on the spot. The demonstration of about seventy people, mostly women, protested in front of the Pakistani embassy. ToloNews on Twitter speaks of “hundreds of protesters today in Kabul” who “shout slogans against Pakistan”. In the photos of ToloNews you can see in the front row several women holding up a banner.

Witnesses claim that the shots were directed into the air. Videos shot on social media and disseminated by ToloNews show hundreds of women angrily shouting protest slogans against Pakistan, accused of supporting the Taliban regime. The women hold up placards, banners and some Afghan national flags. In another short cutscene, people are seen fleeing while gunfire and gusts can be heard in the background.

“The humanitarian emergency in Panshir is worrying, where the Taliban are crushing the revolt of the citizens in blood. Thousands of people without food or drugs: yes to a humanitarian corridor to give urgent help to those in need “, writes the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, su Twitter

The Taliban have announced that they have total control of Panshir, the last pocket of resistance in Afghanistan and have warned that “any attempt at insurrection will be severely hit”. Iran condemns the Taliban “firmly onslaught”. Meanwhile, the leader of the resistance movement in the Afghan valley, Ahmad Massoud, launches the appeal for a “national revolt” against the Taliban: “Wherever you are, inside or out, I invite you to start a national revolt for dignity, freedom and prosperity of our country “. According to Al Arabiya, aid to the Taliban to conquer Panshir came from the armed forces of Pakistan, with “support from the air and launch of paratroopers”.


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Taliban fired disperse protest Kabul World

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