JAPAN. Suga does not reapply for leadership of the Liberal Democratic party

JAPAN. Suga does not reapply for leadership of the Liberal Democratic party
JAPAN. Suga does not reapply for leadership of the Liberal Democratic party

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has announced that he will not reapply as head of the Liberal Democratic party at the end of September, thus also announcing the end of his interim term.

As reported by the Bbc, Suga ruled for exactly one year, having been in charge after the resignation of Shinzo Abe, who in turn resigned, after more than 8 years in the government, due to the exacerbation of Chron’s disease and who had already affected his first government in 2007.

Suga’s personal popularity was very low: with a rating of close to 70% on the day of the inauguration, his star quickly eclipsed, with a rating plummeting to 30%.

His year of government was burdened by the difficult management in the country of Covid 19, which is unable to get out of the worst wave since the beginning of the pandemic, with one and a half million cases and slow-motion vaccinations.

The decision to keep the Olympics nevertheless did not help, although it proved to be a success, being the highly unpopular choice among the Japanese.

Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary during Abe’s premier, made this decision despite polls giving him the lead in the competition within Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party and with upcoming elections far from predictable, being the opposition less appreciated by the Japanese of the government in office.

“President Suga announced today at our management meeting that wants to focus its efforts on the fight against the coronavirus and not in an election campaign. He will not stand as a candidate ». So at the end of the meeting the general secretary of the party. “I’m honestly surprised. And it is a regret. He did his best. ‘ The party will re-elect its leader on September 29: the same leader will most likely be the new Japanese Prime Minister, because the Liberal Democratic Party has a majority in Parliament.

It should be noted that the Tokyo stock exchange closed higher after the announcement: the Nikkei index rose by 2.05%, and the Topix by 1.61%.

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