Milan, blitz in 27 light cannabis shops: outlawed products seized

Milan, blitz in 27 light cannabis shops: outlawed products seized
Milan, blitz in 27 light cannabis shops: outlawed products seized

Seized in 27 light cannabis stores products with a drug content higher than that permitted by law. The blitz of the financiers of the Provincial Command of Milan on a mandate from the Milan prosecutor’s office made it possible to discover that these products were sold both over the counter and through vending machines.

The quantity of tetra-hydro-cannabinol (Thc), which produces psychotropic effects, allowed for light cannabis that can be sold in Italy is set at 0.5%, in these products with often captivating names also intended for minors was instead higher .

The investigation stems from checks by the Fiamme Gialle di Melegnano which have revealed just how some wholesalers marketed products with a drug content greater than that permitted by law. A first intervention on March 24th led to the seizure of 9.3 kilos of ‘grass’ distributed in various wrappers still to be packaged and in about 2,000 sachets, ready to be placed on the market; Two legal representatives of as many companies operating in the Milanese hinterland were also reported.

The drugs were packaged, in quantities ranging from 1 to 3 grams, in special wrappers with bright colors and names such as ‘Amnesia Dream’, ‘Gelato’, ‘Caramel Fruit’, ‘Cookie Hash’, and sold at retail.

The examination of the administrative-accounting documentation acquired in the initial phase of the investigation made it possible to reconstruct the sales chain and to identify all the economic partners of the drug supplier company. In the shops searched, which may have also unknowingly distributed the drug, an additional 4,778 kilos of marijuana of the same type discovered in March were found and seized. The sale took place at the counter, during the opening hours of the shops, but also through vending machines supplied by wholesalers.

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