Paolo Tortora’s wife: “My husband was not vaccinated, Covid killed him in two hours”

Paolo Tortora’s wife: “My husband was not vaccinated, Covid killed him in two hours”
Paolo Tortora’s wife: “My husband was not vaccinated, Covid killed him in two hours”

He holds a letter in his hands. The one her husband wrote to her on August 25th. With his minute handwriting and direct prose Paolo Tortora tells Valentina Abbruzzeso what he represents for her, tells her about his love, asks her to be patient for her temperamental excesses, confides his prospects for the company which finally entrusts her . Almost foreshadowing a near end.

Paolo Tortora – figure of the first magnitude in the world of catering, banqueting and restaurants – died at the age of 61 on Sunday morning due to Covid. These are the last messages he sent me from the hospital – says Valentina -. He wrote them after we met to tell me that being close was “a great injection of life.” Then it all fell apart.

When was he intubated?
August 22. He had asked the doctors to see me, he did not accept a no, he insisted so much asking for an exception to the rules. And they, before transferring him to intensive care, agreed.

How much time have they given you?
Forty minutes. Then in the evening at 9:09 pm they intubated him and induced a pharmacological coma. He did not want. He had repeated to me a thousand times that he did not want therapeutic persistence. I told him it was a little sedation, not that they would put him asleep ….

When had he started to feel bad?
At the beginning of August. The first ten days I took care of him at home and I n the girls got infected even though we all continued to be together. I also slept with him. We were still forced to quarantine anyway.

Then it was necessary to move to Cotugno.
S on August 12. He wanted me to always stay out of the hospital, he wanted to have the perception of my closeness. There was a moment when it also seemed to us that things were going better. Then after days spent wearing a helmet and some improvements, the situation precipitated within two hours.

Her husband was not vaccinated. Was it a no vax?
Things are not exactly like that. Paolo had already had Covid.

When was he infected?
Last October, even though he had been very careful.

A few months ago he should have had the vaccine.
Yes, but he had said he would do it in October and then face the winter.

So ended up in the grip of the Delta variant.
S. And he also had a pulmonary frailty, which he had been carrying around for years. He had pains in his shoulders, but he took an anti-inflammatory and off he went. In fact, doctors found scar tissue in his lungs when he was hospitalized, a sign of old problems.

In these hours have you ever regretted not having insisted on getting the vaccine?
I wondered, of course, but then I also told myself that if it was destiny …

Are you vaccinated?
Just one shot, Pfizer.

And the second?
Last year I had a serious health problem and I didn’t feel it.

She has two daughters …
Azzurra and Giulia Pia are 13 and 16 years old and Paolo has adopted them.

Are the girls vaccinated?
The little girl has just turned 13 and so up to now the question has not even arisen. The great a few years ago had a terrible reaction to the meningitis vaccine and it was therefore not advisable to submit her to a new vaccine.

How did you and Paolo meet?
By chance it was love at first sight. I am from Foggia, he from Naples: we met in Brescia and engaged in Bergamo. We got married on May 19, 2019 in Anacapri, at Cesare Augustus.

She is young and now has a lot of weight on her shoulders.
I am 36 years old, but Paolo and I have never felt the difference in age. For him I left Foggia and my job, I had a kindergarten. Thanks to him, I discovered and loved Naples and started working alongside him in the company. He saw in me the right person to support him in life and also in work. He will live up to his trust, also carrying out his many charitable projects.

The funeral of Paolo Tortora will take place today at 11, at the church of Sant’Antonio in Posillipo. He has already been cremated – adds Valentina – and after the funeral I will take his ashes home with me, to always keep him close.

6 September 2021 | 21:13


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