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Open Arms, the former 5s who can exonerate Salvini

Open Arms, the former 5s who can exonerate Salvini
Open Arms, the former 5s who can exonerate Salvini

From Conte alla Lamorgese, from Di Maio to Toninelli, from the commander of the Open Arms to the former Maltese premier Joseph Muscat, up to the former vice president of the Libyan presidential council, Ahmed Maitig. The list of texts that the defense of the leader of the Carroccio Matteo Salvini has asked to summon before the second criminal section of the Court of Palermo, where the hearings of the trial for the Open Arms case, which sees Salvini accused, will begin from 15 September. of kidnapping and refusal of official documents.

The then owner of the Interior Ministry, according to Sicilian prosecutors, in 2019 would have “kidnapped” 147 migrants for days, but he and his defense lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno, have always rejected that accusation. By supporting the lack of competence of Italy, which would have stalled only waiting for an EU agreement on the redistribution of those migrants. There are therefore the former premier Conte and Salvini’s successor at the Viminale, Luciana Lamorgese, and in addition to Di Maio and Toninelli there are also the former ministers Tria and Moavero, the head of Dis Elisabetta Belloni, the current undersecretary of the Interior Nicola Molteni and his former counterpart Stefano Candiani. But above all there is Stefano Lucidi (in the photo), elected twice to the Senate for the Five Star Movement and then moved to the League at the end of 2019. And just Lucidi, as a pentastellato insider, would be one of the trump cards for the defense, demonstrating that the first anomaly is the presence at the bar of only Salvini, not accompanied by other members of a government that, according to what Lucidi could tell, according to the defense of the leader of the Northern League, not only fully shared the line on migrants dictated by Salvini, but even, a source explains to Adnkronos, would in some cases even go further in some of its elements, so much so that, for example, ” the former Minister of Infrastructure Toninelli would have liked to override Salvini ». Each name is functional, for Bongiorno, to explain what happened in those excited days of August 2019, and Conte and Moavero, for example, should confirm that they were working on the redistribution of migrants aboard the vessel flying the Spanish flag, and that therefore those days of non-landing were aimed at this, not at kidnapping anyone.

Former Libyan vice president Maitig should also confirm the agreements in place in those days “between the Italian and Libyan authorities”, and the key is to seek confirmation of the defensive line, which claims that there were violations by the ship of the Spanish NGO Proactiva open arms , and in fact, in the list of 31, the name of the captain of the boat, Marc Reig Creus, stands out.

Even the Palermo prosecutors would have prepared the list of witnesses. Among them, some “duplicates” of the Salvinian list, such as Di Maio and Lamorgese.

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