green pass, masks and air exchange, also spaced out in the gym-

green pass, masks and air exchange, also spaced out in the gym-
green pass, masks and air exchange, also spaced out in the gym-
from Gianna Fregonara

Green pass obligation for staff but not for students. The proposal to remove the mask slips in classes where everyone is vaccinated

Green pass, bezels, open windows and a bit more flexible spacing than last year. And professors for the most part in the classroom from the early days. Thus begins the school in the third school year of the pandemic. The safety measures are substantially confirmed, even if there is the vaccine. The challenge: don’t go back to Dad. Today the Minister of Education
Patrizio Bianchi
in Parliament he will present the plan for the safe return to class on which he has been working all summer. The main measure of defense against the virus remains the mask: “At the counter the surgical mask is indispensable where a distance of one meter is not possible, it is strongly recommended in every situation”. In the corridors, in the canteen, in the bathrooms and in closed rooms. At the counter, if spaced and stationary, it can be changed and put on a cloth mask more bearable especially for long periods.

The possibility that the White and Hope ministers talked about last Thursday to remove the mask from the counter in classes where everyone is vaccinated, i.e. possibly only in the eighth grade and high school, for now there isn’t. The guidelines are being drawn up with the Ministry of Health and the Privacy Guarantor, but are not expected before the end of the month. The proposal launched by Minister Bianchi so far has raised more doubts than hopes: from principals, parents and even pandemic experts who call for caution. Guido Rasi, consultant to General Figliuolo, brakes: “Waiting for some more data wouldn’t be bad.”

As for the green pass requirement for teachers and staff is on the way the platform of the ministry for automatic control by the principals. Bianchi has promised it by 13 September, the day the school starts in ten regions. Developed by Sogei, it will allow for the matching of vaccination data with those of the professors assigned to each institute. The principal must ask for the green pass only to those who are not in good standing. If they do not have the green pass, they will not be able to enter the school and will be considered unjustified absences: at the fifth absence, even if not consecutive, they will be suspended from office and salary. On the other hand, there is no obligation of green pass for students, not even for the older ones. Onvaccination obligation for teachers Bianchi said that “all necessary measures will be taken”, but the decision will be made by the government.

The spacing of one meter has become a more flexible measure for this school year: if it is not possible to keep it, the benches can be placed a little closer together as long as you always keep the surgical mask and apply all the other precautionary rules. Including the one that requires you to keep the windows open to change the air: only some schools have taken advantage of the funds made available by the government to buy filters or other devices. For the most part, the air current recommended by the CTS remains the only measure currently feasible to ventilate the premises.

In all large cities, high school students will take turns, in and out. They are used to reduce crowds on buses and trains. From 13 September it will be tested a platform that will allow principals to follow the flows of their students on public transport.

The canteens also reopen, where shifts and distancing at the tables are recommended since you have to remove the mask to eat. He will also resume physical education in the gym or, better still, outdoors. You do gymnastics without a mask but no group or contact sports and a two-meter spacing if you are indoors.

The management of infections in the classroom is entrusted to the ASL. The rules of the protocol stipulate that there is a 10-day quarantine for the unvaccinated and 7 days for the vaccinated, at the end of which, after a swab and certification, you can go back to class. It is one of the most contested rules because it would oblige mixed teaching for the three days in which the vaccinated are in class and the others are not. Germany and France have already significantly eased isolation measures in the event of contagion in the classroom.

I am almost 60 thousand permanent hirings have already been made and one hundred thousand annual assignments were awarded before the school year began. Bianchi is one step away from the goal he had set in May: 70 thousand new professors and tenured teachers for the start of the school. Some of them come from the rankings until exhaustion, over 25 thousand from the extraordinary competition wanted by the former minister Lucia Azzolina which ended in the spring, and then over 5 thousand from the quick competition for Stem subjects (corrected in the race because at the beginning it was not foreseen nothing to recruit middle school teachers) and finally over 13,908 support teachers stabilized in an extraordinary way, that is bypassing the traditional competition, replaced by a trial one year after hiring. Then there are the annual alternates: the ministry says the procedures are almost finished, but the unions have different figures, with different problems and messes reported in various regions. “We are monitoring – says Maddalena Gissi of the CISL – and we have asked for a meeting to understand the critical issues”.

It’s almost ready the salivary swab campaign
for the little ones prepared by the Higher Institute of Health: 110 thousand children are tested per month, in “sentinel” schools. It is not a blanket monitoring but a way to follow the evolution of infections and the presence of the virus. Swabs are done at school in the first month (we think in October) and then at home as soon as you get up.

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