Chiara Ugolini killed at home in Calmasino, sexual assault hypothesis. Confess the neighbor-

Chiara Ugolini killed at home in Calmasino, sexual assault hypothesis. Confess the neighbor-
Chiara Ugolini killed at home in Calmasino, sexual assault hypothesis. Confess the neighbor-
from Andrea Priore

The murder in Calmasino, in the province of Verona. The victim was 27 years old. The killer, Emanuele Impellizzeri, was released from prison three months ago after serving a sentence for two robberies. The hypothesis of sexual assault

Chiara Ugolini he was 27 years old

she had a degree in political science
, played volleyball and worked as a saleswoman in a clothing store. Last year
she had gone to live with Daniel Bongiovanni, her boyfriend
, in an apartment in Bardolino, a stone’s throw from the Veronese shores of Lake Garda.
“They were two soul mates and they were planning to get married
in the Maldives, in a not too distant day », says Alice Arduini, one of the girl’s best friends. Instead on Sunday evening all those dreams are gone forever,
drowned in a pool of blood in the kitchen
. To kill Chiara was the neighbor downstairs, Emanuele Impellizzeri,
38 years old, originally from Catania and released from prison three months ago, after serving a sentence for two robberies committed on July 28, 2006 in Mantua and Montichiari.

Since then, he was “on trial”: he could go out to go to the workshop, where he worked as a coachbuilder, but had to spend the nights locked up at home, together with his wife and little daughter. On Facebook he posted photos of the Duce and of him shirtless, intent on showing off his fit physique.
He killed her between 4pm and 7pm on Sunday, when she got home
after the morning in the boutique in the center of Garda, which is owned by Daniel’s father. Chiara had to go back to work around 5 pm but, not seeing her, the owner notified her son, who ran to check. «When I entered it must have been 7 pm and the door was closed – the victim’s companion told the carabinieri – everything seemed to be in order: Chiara was not in the living room, so I went to the kitchen. That’s where I saw her, on the ground ».

She was already dead. When help arrived,
Chiara was wearing underwear and this suggests that she was attacked while changing to go to work. It didn’t take long for the Verona carabinieri to discover that the convict downstairs was not at home and that his powerful Yamaha R6 had disappeared from the garage. Around 8 pm, Impellizzeri stopped off in a shopping center in Affi, where he collected 200 euros. Then, still riding the motorcycle, he headed for Southern Italy, where he probably thought he was hiding. The manhunt ended late at night: the traffic police of Florence blocked it near the Impruneta tollbooth, along the A1. He was agitated, his clothes stained with blood and scratches on his face. “I was trying to disappear,” he immediately admitted. Taken to the barracks, he confessed to the crime. “I saw her on the terrace and I lost my mind: I don’t know what triggered me, because I went there … I couldn’t resist … »he would tell the investigators.

The coachbuilder explained that he came out of a window overlooking the flight of stairs and climbing from there onto the victim’s terrace. “The window overlooking the kitchen was open, but she saw me and I was afraid …”. Perhaps Chiara screamed and Impellizzeri, at that point, lost control and killed her. “She scratched me, I just pushed her and she fell to the ground.” The body had no obvious injuries and this suggests that the saleswoman died of an internal bleeding:
the carabinieri do not rule out that he hit her with something, and checks are underway on a kitchen object found a short distance from the body. What he wanted to do to the girl, the 38-year-old did not say, but among the investigators there is the possibility that he wanted to rape her. Certainly he did not succeed, precisely because Chiara discovered this as she entered the house and tried to rebel. Emanuele Impellizzeri is now in prison on charges of aggravated voluntary homicide. “I haven’t been well for a while – he said – and now I’ve ruined my family. I know these words are worth nothing, but I swear I’m sorry “. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles with the memory of his girlfriend’s face covered in blood: “I’ve lost everything.”

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