it was also sold in vending machines

it was also sold in vending machines
it was also sold in vending machines

Operation of the yellow flames in the hinterland of Milan. 27 light cannabis retailers searched: in some of these shops cannabis with a percentage of Thc higher than the limit allowed by law was on sale. Some of this marijuana was sold through vending machines potentially accessible even by minors.

Over 14 kilos of marijuana were seized by the financial police in the hinterland of Milan. This is cannabis which in theory should have been of the “light” type, ie with a quantity of tetra-hydro-cannabinol (Thc, the active ingredient) less than 0.5 percent. In reality, however, as ascertained by the Fiamme Gialle di Melegnano as part of the “Just smoke” operation, the seized substance had a quantity of Thc higher than the limit allowed by law: it was therefore in effect a narcotic substance that was sold from some wholesalers and ended up both on the counter of light cannabis shops and in vending machines potentially available to minors as well.

Two people were reported

Already on March 24th 9.3 kilos of this specific type of substance had been seized from some producers of light cannabis. The marijuana was packaged in wrappers with bright colors and catchy names such as “Amnesia Dream”, “Gelato”, “Caramel Fruit” and “Cookie Hash”. At this stage of the investigation two people, legal representatives of as many companies operating in the Milanese hinterland, had been reported by the financiers to the Milan prosecutor’s office. Later the supply chain was rebuilt, managing to trace another 4.7 kilos of the same illegal marijuana seized in March. It had ended up with other light cannabis dealers – a total of 27 shops searched as part of the operation – who could have distributed it, even unknowingly, both over the counter and through vending machines supplied by wholesalers. Some of these “machines” do not have any system to recognize the identity of the buyers: potentially, therefore, among the customers there could also have been minors.


sold vending machines

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