And now the Green Pass is also good for the League

And now the Green Pass is also good for the League
And now the Green Pass is also good for the League

The League is too divided internally to enter into a parliamentary battle with a knife between its teeth against the Green Pass decree, now under discussion in the Chamber. Suffice it to say that there are those who, like the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, imagine an extension of the green certificate and those who, like Claudio Borghi, threaten not to vote for trust should the government decide to lock the provision. For this reason, Matteo Salvini’s tones have changed in the last few hours. He understood that his parliamentary group would not come out compact. The same conviction is cultivated in Palazzo Chigi, where in the rooms of the noble floor, one looks with satisfaction at the retreat of the Northern League leader. And if before we thought we had to put our trust in the Green pass decree, now we will follow the flatter and less tortuous road, since the obstructive temptations on the part of Matteo Salvini have disappeared, which moreover would have created blatant frictions with the governist wing. of the League.

Already in the early hours of the day we saw the change of pace. During the general discussion on the provision, twelve deputies signed up to speak, including five from the Brothers of Italy. From the parliamentarians of the majority of the majority there were no interventions against it, nor is an avalanche of amendments expected. The attitude of the leader of the League is milder than the text, which provides for the extension of the state of emergency until next 31 December and the obligation of the Green pass, vaccine carried out or negative swab in the previous 48 hours, to access restaurants indoors, in gyms, cinemas, museums and indoor swimming pools.

The text also provides for new criteria to define the colors of the regions based on the number of Covid-19 infections, measures for sporting events, a fund for discos and a controlled price for tampons. The incidence of infections remains in force but will no longer represent the guiding criterion for the choice of colors (white, yellow, orange and red) of the regions. The main parameters are in fact the occupancy rate of the beds in the medical area and in intensive care.

The battle within the government but also within the majority parties now moves to the vaccination obligation on which Salvini appears adamant. “We want to protect the health, work and rights of all. The Italians are responding with common sense. There is no need for obligations, fines and prohibitions ”. Another crucial and imminent issue, more than the vaccination obligation, is the extension of the Green pass obligation to certain categories of workers. An issue that will be addressed in the control room on Thursday between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the delegation heads of the ruling parties. And on which the Northern League minister Giorgetti has already expressed himself in favor. The outcome of the meeting between Confindustria and today’s unions will be important for any choice.


Green Pass good League

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