Coronavirus, a thousand no vax doctors in Italy still practice the profession

Coronavirus, a thousand no vax doctors in Italy still practice the profession
Coronavirus, a thousand no vax doctors in Italy still practice the profession

“According to data from the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), there are presumably about 1500 unvaccinated doctors: of these, about 1000 are still practicing the profession, or almost 70% of the total unvaccinated “. This was stated by the president Fnomceo Filippo Anelli, who launches an appeal to colleagues who are not immunized – but who can get vaccinated because they have no reasons related to their state of health – to undergo the vaccination immediately.

Of the 1,500 unvaccinated doctors, 500 are currently suspended. Another 120, previously suspended, have regularized their position by communicating the vaccination.

There are also 40 orders that have suspended at least one doctor, says Anelli. “The problem – underlines the president Fnomceo – is that the ASL are not applying the law that provides for the obligation of vaccination for health personnel, and delegates the ASL the task of detecting those who have not vaccinated and communicate the names to the orders”.

The law “says that vaccination is an essential requirement for the exercise of the medical profession and for health personnel but after 5 months from the entry into force of the law still a thousand white coats are not vaccinated. It should however be considered that doctors there are about 460 thousand Italians, so the unvaccinated are a small percentage “.

“Many local health authorities – explains Anelli – are trying to entrust doctors with administrative tasks, but this is difficult to achieve. I invite colleagues to get the vaccine immediately so that the category – he concludes – can be fully operational and count on their contribution”.

A large slice of unvaccinated doctors is in Sicily. Last Saturday, on the pages of the Giornale di Sicilia, the president of the Order of Palermo Toti Amato had raised an alarm talking about about 300 unvaccinated only in the Palermo area. Others have already been suspended as in the case of the 49 health workers in the province of Syracuse.

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Coronavirus thousand vax doctors Italy practice profession

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