Dressing rooms of author and design at the Tam Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan

Dressing rooms of author and design at the Tam Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan

“Forbidden the Entrance” project to give new life to the dressing rooms

Milan, 6 Sept. (askanews) – An actor’s dressing room is that magical and secret place where a person enters and a character exits. There is the illusion that inside a dressing room there is everything essential to complete the transformation and the feeling is to be guests of a sacred place. Precisely for this reason it needs all possible care.

After 3 months of summer works, Vietato dell’Ingresso the new project that sees seventeen large design and design studios give new life to the seventeen dressing rooms of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, will open its doors to the public and you will be able to enter the artists’ private place, breathe that space, imagine the metamorphosis of the actor and admire the new dressing rooms of the theater. The creator and curator of the project is Giulia Pellegrino, a transversal figure in the world of design and architecture.

Until 10 September, for the first time in the history of the Tam, the public will be able to access the spaces where entry is usually forbidden. You will be able to admire the new dressing rooms created by the various designers and the quality of their proposals and decide on your favorite project before it is again forbidden to enter!

Appointment to coincide with the Salone del Mobile.


Dressing rooms author design Tam Teatro Arcimboldi Milan

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