Green pass at work and free tampons, Confindustria-trade union dialogue

Green pass at work and free tampons, Confindustria-trade union dialogue
Green pass at work and free tampons, Confindustria-trade union dialogue

Green pass in the workplace – even in the private sector – and free swabs, dialogue between Confindustria and trade unions in view of the government control room. Also on the table is the issue of compulsory vaccination, introduced last week by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. After the difficult months, amidst criticism and accusations, the leader of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi and the general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL took a first step forward at the end of the meeting in Viale dell’Astronomia. The central theme is the green pass – which the government intends to extend with respect to current use – but above all the pads that both companies and trade unions do not intend to charge either to companies or to workers. And pending the decision of the government in the next control room, probably next Thursday, together with the executive they are asking for a clear word on costs.

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“We know that on Thursday there is a government control room and should it be decided, as we hope, the obligation of the green pass within the workplace and the social partners find an agreement on this, I believe that we the government may recognize this passage, this possible agreement between us and the unions by carrying out an operation of social utility at that point and therefore taking on the course of tampons. Surely these cannot be borne by the companies “, explains Bonomi. On the same wavelength but on opposite sides the unions: “When it comes to safety, the costs cannot be absolute on the shoulders of the workers”, explains the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri who summarizes the unitary position taken with the CGIL and CISL.

“I have heard it said that they would like to use tampons to get to firing: all falsehoods that are not even how to comment”, clarifies Bonomi. “It is obvious that like all measures there must be an accompanying path and then a sanctioning path but this will be the work of the government that will make choices after hearing the social partners”, he adds.

“It was a positive meeting with Confindustria after months of lack of confrontation. We recorded a common convergence on the request to the Government and Parliament to take responsibility in adopting a legislative measure that establishes the obligation to vaccinate for all citizens. The vaccine it is the only weapon that can help us defeat Covid “, says CISL General Secretary, Luigi Sbarra.


Green pass work free tampons Confindustriatrade union dialogue

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