“Reason tells us we’re not out of the woods. In the classes we need prudence »- Corriere.it

“Reason tells us we’re not out of the woods. In the classes we need prudence »- Corriere.it
“Reason tells us we’re not out of the woods. In the classes we need prudence »- Corriere.it
from Gianna Fregonara

The former CTS coordinator: «I am disoriented by this announcement. We can’t go back to normal yet “

Agostino Miozzo, former head of the CTS and then consultant to the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, is very critical of the announcement made by the minister last Thursday regarding the possibility that in classes where everyone is vaccinated, students can take off their masks
: “I take it as a wish, as the hope that, even if young people get vaccinated, they will soon return to normal”.

In reality, the minister said that by the end of the month there will be guidelines and therefore it is more than a wish.

«I am disoriented by this announcement which is certainly affected by the optimism of the will but not by the healthy pessimism of reason. Reason tells us that the current situation does not allow us pre-Covid normality. For many reasons, even independent from the world of school ».

Therefore the masks must be kept even if everyone is vaccinated. Yet last year it was she in the CTS who insisted that at least at the beginning of the year, she didn’t wear a mask at the counter, even if then the increase in the infection forced everyone to tougher rules and to Dad.
“Today we still have about 50 deaths a day (over 350 a week) and about 5 thousand infections, how can we say that the pandemic is no longer a problem? We are not yet out of risk with the new variants that have much stronger effects than the virus of the beginning of the pandemic ».

Does that mean we’re worse off than a year ago?

«The situation is much better, but it requires respect for the rules. The variant affects young people and there are many millions of over 50s to be vaccinated, often living at home with children. In addition, not enough has been done in schools to heal old evils like chicken coop classes. And in all this, the spacing of one meter has also been made optional ».

The CTS decided it.
«Yes, but it is an interpretation that does not have scientific evidence as its basis. The meter of distance is a mantra that endures. To say that the desk mate can come back is a romantic but dangerous affirmation ».

It is true that there are still 50 deaths a day from Covid but the restaurants have reopened for those who have the green pass even indoors and obviously at the table you are without a mask even closer than one meter. And even if the mask is removed at the counter, all other preventive measures must be observed.

“Lowering your guard now, at the last mile, is wrong and dangerous. Even if the children have shown that they are more attentive and better than adults ».

Even Minister Speranza, who is always very cautious, said that it will be possible to have the mask removed at the counter if everyone is vaccinated.

“I think your statement should also be read as a goal. Unfortunately, for the moment not even the salivary test plan for screening is defined, the transports are what they are and will be filled to 80 percent. We still need a lot, a lot of prudence, we are not out of the risk zone ».

Are you to introduce compulsory vaccination also for students?

«Basically yes, as it already is for other children’s vaccines. If necessary, it will. As a man of civil protection, when I think of this emergency, that of Covid, I believe it has a potential for growth in society. And this is especially true for schools: the pandemic is an opportunity to find answers to the long-standing problems that concern them, not to go back as if nothing had happened “.

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