Grave mourning for the Poohs: Dodi Battaglia’s wife dies

Grave mourning for the Poohs: Dodi Battaglia’s wife dies
Grave mourning for the Poohs: Dodi Battaglia’s wife dies

It is with excruciating pain that I tell you that my wife Paola left us this morning after a long illness“. Like this Dodi Battaglia, guitarist of Pooh, has announced the untimely death of his third wife, Paola Toeschi. The woman, who was 51, had been battling a nasty brain problem for over ten years.

The news of the death of Dodi Battaglia’s wife began to circulate on the web from the early hours of the morning, but only recently the musician, the famous guitar of the Poohs, confirmed the family drama on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Paola Toeschic she was born in Borgomanero, in the province of Novara, and in 2011 she married Dodi Battaglia. For years, the 51-year-old actress had been fighting a tough fight against a tumor to the brain. The unfortunate and sudden diagnosis came in 2010 following a crisis that led to hospitalization. Paola Toeschi has never stopped fighting for herself, for her husband Dodi and for her daughter Sofia. While facing the interventions and chemotherapy sessions, she entrusted herself to faith, even making two pilgrimages to Medjugorje. A difficult and painful battle that she herself had told, in 2015, in a biography entitled “Stronger than evil“. The tumor, one of the most aggressive, however, left her no way out. The woman died surrounded by the affection of her family and loved ones.

The announcement made by her husband, Dodi Battaglia, about the untimely death of his wife has deeply shaken the people of the web. Among the many messages of condolence, which have multiplied on social networks, there are those of his friends and colleagues from Riccardo Fogli to Fiordaliso. And the painful one of another member of the Poohs, Roby Facchinetti, who wrote on Twitter: “Deeply saddened, we feel very close to Dodi and his daughter Sofia in this very painful moment for the untimely death of their beloved Paola. Dear Paola, may you rest in peace and eternal serenity. Roby, Giovanna and children“. Today of that pain remains the photo of a blue sky, which Dodi has chosen to publish on his social profiles to say goodbye to his Paola.


Grave mourning Poohs Dodi Battaglias wife dies

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