G20: Hope, Rome Pact unanimously approved – Medicine

G20: Hope, Rome Pact unanimously approved – Medicine
G20: Hope, Rome Pact unanimously approved – Medicine

“The Rome Pact was unanimously approved by all the G20 countries. It is a document signed by all countries: together it was decided to commit to strengthening national systems”. This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, at the press conference at the conclusion of the work of the G20 Health in Rome. “The first point is to invest in health systems and we want to defend the universalistic system: you have the right to be treated regardless of class and race”. “We also insisted on the One Health approach”.

‘The G20 countries – added the minister – undertake to intervene to bring vaccines to the most fragile countries also through Covax and we want to co-instruct the conditions so that production is also brought to different countries, to make other areas of the world capable of to produce. This means sharing processes to have a ‘higher rate of autonomy’.

Speranza then explained that “the third dose will be in Italy, we will start as early as September with fragile patients such as cancer or transplant patients. Ema and Ecdc have already expressed their opinion on this point. So already in September these first ones will leave in Italy. third doses, then we will analyze to continue with the over 80s and residents of RSA and health personnel, who are the first categories that have received the vaccine and from which one will start “.



G20 Hope Rome Pact unanimously approved Medicine

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