Israel, rare intervention separates two Siamese twins

06 September 2021 14:40

The surgery, performed for the first time in Israel, has previously been completed only 20 times worldwide

It is the first time that such an operation, previously conducted only 20 times worldwide, has been carried out in Israel. Months before the surgery, inflatable silicone grafts were inserted into the heads of the two girls, which were then periodically expanded to “widen” the scalp which was subsequently used to cover the girls’ heads after the reconstruction of their respective skulls.

“To our delight, everything went as we hoped,” said Mickey Gideon, Soroka’s chief neurosurgeon, while Eldad Silberstein, head of the hospital’s plastic surgery department, reported that the twins are breathing on their own and eating. regularly.


Israel rare intervention separates Siamese twins

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