all the rules for returning to class

all the rules for returning to class
all the rules for returning to class

School. From Monday the bell will ring for 8 million from students from 6 to 19 years. From green pass all people, valleys quarantines the use of gyms. Here are the rules for returning to class set by the Cts and see dal government.

School, start of lessons: the calendar region by region (Lazio 13, Campania 15) and all the rules

School, all the rules for going back to class

THE ENTRANCE Pupils enter school between 7.50 and 8.30, depending on the time established by the individual institutes. Students aged 6 and over will need to wear masks unless the whole class and teacher are vaccinated. Body temperature should be checked at home, but hands should be washed or disinfected as soon as they enter the school building. Both incoming and outgoing each school must indicate the routes in order to avoid contact between the various classes. In the classroom the desks must be spaced, but the rule of the meter of distance between the various students is no longer mandatory. In the case of small classrooms, principals and teachers may decide to keep a distance.


When the first hour of class ends, there may be a 5 minute break to open the windows and air out the classroom. The CTS recommends leaving the windows open during class time, even in winter.


The green passport is mandatory for teachers and school staff. But not for students. The Green pass will be checked at the beginning of the day.


In the high schools of the big cities there is a second entrance shift for some of the students: between 9.30 and 10. This is to avoid crowds on public transport which can travel 80% full. Primary school children, on the other hand, should all enter between 8 and 8.30, but it is the Prefects who decide in each Province.


When you go to the canteen, the pupils wear masks and it is essential to establish shifts to ensure the distance between the children. Once seated at the tables, the children can remove the mask while they eat.


Laboratory and physical education activities are authorized. For the laboratories it is necessary to ventilate the environment and maintain the spacing. Gymnastics takes place without a mask. Team sports are not recommended. It is preferable to take physical activity outdoors, if it is not possible in the gym there must be one class at a time.


In this case, additional precautionary measures are taken. You leave school in stages, without mixing the classes. Parents are not allowed inside the school, except in an emergency. Only when a student shows the symptoms of Covid is he isolated in a class and one of the parents is called to take him home as soon as possible and activate the sanitation and tracking procedures with the ASL. It is also the moment when the school’s “Covid referent” takes the field.


Those who are vaccinated and have had a classmate or teacher positive for the virus will be able to return to school after 7 days, the others after 10. But since it is difficult to verify who is vaccinated and who is not, it is likely that the principle will be adopted. precaution: everyone at home for 10 days.


The rules are the same as last year. No mask for the little ones and additional protection (such as visors and gloves) for the teachers. Dad and mom cannot enter the school building, they will have to leave the children at the entrance.

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