Hope: “Third dose of vaccine since September”. The examination of the EMA on the new Pfizer recall is underway

Hope: “Third dose of vaccine since September”. The examination of the EMA on the new Pfizer recall is underway
Hope: “Third dose of vaccine since September”. The examination of the EMA on the new Pfizer recall is underway

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is officially evaluating the possibility of authorizing a third dose of Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine. The American pharmaceutical company had submitted the request to EMA with the data necessary for a scientific evaluation on the recall to be made 6 months after administration of the second dose. As reported by the regulatory body “the evaluation will be made on the basis of the data presented by the pharmaceutical company” with an outcome expected within the next few weeks, “Unless additional information is required”. The possible third dose of Pfizer can be administered to subjects of age 16 or older who have completed the vaccination course. «This», explains the EMA, «to restore the protection after it has decreased». Today Minister Roberto Speranza declared: «The third dose in Italy will be there, we will start as early as September with fragile patients such as cancer or transplant patients. Ema and Ecdc have already expressed themselves on this point. So already in the month of September these first third doses will start in Italy, then we will analyze to continue with the over 80 and RSA residents and health personnel, who are the first categories that have received the vaccine and from which one will start “. At the conclusion of the G20 Health held in Rome, the Minister of Health spoke of vaccines as the only solution to open up to an even freer season: “If we spent an August with very limited restrictions, this happened thanks to vaccines, so the my message is very clear: the vaccine is the key to open the door to a different season ».

The decrease in effectiveness due to the Delta variant and the reinforcement for the frail

A few days ago the EMA had held back on the possibility of a third dose for everyone. In the note issued with the ECDC, the European drug agency had defined the administration of a third booster, especially in reference to the general population, as “non-urgent”. On the contrary, for the frail category, the EMA considered it necessary to reinforce immunization through a third booster. Now the evaluation announcement would concern the entire population over 16 without distinction of frailty. The decline in protection of mRna vaccines against Covid-19 was recently confirmed by the latest study carried out by American researchers. The effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna from March to July would drop since 90% al 65,5%. A result that coincides with the advent of the Delta variant and with the relaxation of restrictive measures. “For this, in addition to running with vaccines, a third recall and the restoration of responsible behavior will be necessary,” write the authors of the analysis.

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Hope dose vaccine September examination EMA Pfizer recall underway

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