Can Yaman, goodbye to Diletta Leotta: in Venice the actor smiles happily with Moran Atias

Can Yaman, goodbye to Diletta Leotta: in Venice the actor smiles happily with Moran Atias
Can Yaman, goodbye to Diletta Leotta: in Venice the actor smiles happily with Moran Atias

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, the love story between the two beautiful boys seems to have come to an end. For some time the rumors told them separately but now it seems that confirmation has arrived. There is nothing official but the farewell is now clear to everyone. The summer that started hot for Can and Diletta with photos on the boat and passionate kisses seems to have gone completely off. The last post in which Leotta appears with the Turkish actor dates back to 11 July, a magical night to celebrate Italy’s victory over the Europeans. Since that post, nothing ever again. They spent a good part of the summer apart, she celebrated her 30th birthday alone and he arrived in Venice as a single and on the red carpet he showed off a radiant smile alongside Moran Atias. Breathtaking curves, which are so reminiscent of Leotta, those of the Israeli actress who was not left a second in Venice by Can’s intriguing and mischievous looks. And Moran meanwhile shares the posts of fans who wish her good luck for the new love story with the handsome Turkish actor.

Can Yaman, farewell to Diletta Leotta

In response, Diletta posted on instagram a photo in costume lying in the garden: «Summer is ending and a year goes away I’m growing up you know I don’t want to», Probably only to quote Righiera but the melancholy air (even if the breathtaking body is always the protagonist), also suggest a thought for the distance that now divides it from Can.

Can’s arrival in Venice

He landed in the lagoon as a star, handsome and overwhelming as always, busy extricating himself among crazy fans looking for a selfie and cameras aimed. “I’m used to it by now, they chase me everywhere, I didn’t imagine such a thing until a few months ago,” joked the Turkish actor during the press conference of the Filming Italy Best Movie Award. “I’ve been living in Rome for eight months and I’m used to these scenes.” Dozens of girls but also mature women, often mothers with daughters in tow, followed Yaman’s movements for hours around the Lido, between the Hotel Excelsior and the Terrazza Campari, in search of a photo or a selfie. Can Yaman is involved in numerous projects, including in the coming months a new series dedicated to Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia born from the pen of the writer Emilio Salgari.

Can Yaman is happy

He smiles slyly, pleased and satisfied and he does not seem desperate at all for the distance from Leotta. On the contrary, he throws his eye elsewhere and on the red carpet he is often and willingly distracted by the décolleté of his colleague Moran with whom he seems to have a great complicity.

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