Cisano Fire, Mayor Tomatis: “A disaster, it will still be a very long battle”

Cisano Fire, Mayor Tomatis: “A disaster, it will still be a very long battle”
Cisano Fire, Mayor Tomatis: “A disaster, it will still be a very long battle”

Albenga / Cisano.Terrible, frightening situation. My wish is that the worst is over, but behind me I still see many flames ”. The mayor is worried Riccardo Tomatis, who immediately arrived on the spot at the news of the vast fire that broke out in the late morning on the heights of Albenga.

“Fortunately, at the moment I have no news relating to the involvement of the houses by the fire – he reassures – but I imagine that the battle will still be long to extinguish the fire and secure all the houses in the area which, to be precise, are mainly found in the Cisano sul Neva area. This is one of the most naturalistic areas of the territory. The damage is enormous, yet not quantifiable at the moment. On an emotional level, it is truly a disaster ”.

For more than three hours, relief efforts are underway with firefighters and civil protection volunteers who, thanks also to the help of helicopters and canadair, are trying to put out the fire. Some streets were closed to traffic and houses evacuated. Among the displaced also Bruno Piras who told the microphones of his fear and concern combined with the suspicion that the fire could be arson.

As for the front that affects the Ceseni area, the situation seems to be improving. “Two houses have been evacuated – explains the Deputy Mayor of Cisano on the Neva Guido Rossi, also on the spot – and now they all seem to be safe ”.

The wind, however, is pushing the flames towards the town and there are several outbreaks that have arisen. “We hope that the fire does not reach Cisano – comments Rossi – but we will only be able to find out in a few hours”.

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Big fire in Cisano: firefighters and canadair mobilized

In the meantime, the arrival of the deputy prefect and head of cabinet is awaited, who will reach the site of the fire to see what is happening up close.

The mayors Roberto Sasso del Verme and Riccardo Tomatis

To bring his precious contribution too the mayor of Laigueglia, Roberto Sasso Del Verme, acting as AIB volunteer: “When there is a need to help neighboring municipalities, everything possible is always done – says the mayor – I’ve been a volunteer for years and I take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers and the forces who have been working tirelessly since this morning” .

The Deputy Prefect Salvatore Mottola, the cabinet chief Veronica Frassinetti and the civil protection officer Patrizia Nano. “Given the extent of this outbreak, we decided to come directly to the site to fully understand the situation – explains the deputy prefect -. We have been in contact from the beginning with the mayors and the firefighters and in relation to the worrying dimensions of the incident, we quickly convened a Rescue Coordination Center for all the needs of the case “.

Deputy Prefect Salvatore Mottola with the mayor of Albenga Riccardo Tomatis

After five hours from the start, the deputy prefect reassures: “The the situation is gradually proving to be under control and improving, the wind dropped and this helped. Fortunately, the houses were not directly affected even though the fire was near and we did not evacuate residents directly even if, it should be noted, there were many spontaneous evacuations of the inhabitants frightened by the incident “.

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