the tobacconist under arrest

06 September 2021 17:25

The winning ticket was found in a Latina bank. The man stopped on the highway while heading towards Naples

The provision, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office (prosecutor Daniela Varone, deputy prosecutor Pierpaolo Fulippelli), was notified by the carabinieri of the company “Stella” of Naples. Scutellaro was identified by the Arma soldiers on the A1 motorway in the direction of Naples, near Teano. The man was taken to the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

“The ticket is mine, the old woman just had to collect it” And Scutellaro had told a somewhat limp story to a local newspaper. “I bought the ticket, I wanted to flee abroad because I don’t feel safe in Naples. I’m not the tobacconist, but the owner’s ex-husband”. The man was about to board a flight to Tenerife but as soon as he showed the documents he was prevented. “I bought the ticket from an acquaintance of mine the day before, – said Scutellaro – I only asked the lady to go and collect the winnings which I thought amounted only to 500 euros”. The man also denied working as a tobacconist: “I don’t go into that tobacconist, because I’m no longer on good terms”. “After scratching – he said – I noticed a win, but I thought it amounted to only 500 euros. I asked the lady for a favor, if she could withdraw it for me”. However, when the woman, as Scutellaro reconstructs, was late in getting out of the resale with the money, he would have approached the entrance with his scooter: “I asked her what had happened and she told me that it was necessary to go to the bank to collect the win. I got the coupon delivered and left. This was all recorded by the tobacconist’s cameras “explains the man

A version that was not credible by the investigators. Investigators have ascertained that Scutellaro, after the subtraction of the winning coupon, took refuge in Latina where he deposited the stolen winning ticket in a bank, opening a bank account in his name into which the winnings could flow when the waters had calmed down. Confirming the circumstance was the same bank that took steps to block the operation of the account.

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