The truth about vaccines: what has changed with the Green Pass

The truth about vaccines: what has changed with the Green Pass
The truth about vaccines: what has changed with the Green Pass

The introduction of the Green Pass has convinced millions of Italians, especially the youngest, to get vaccinated. This is what emerges from the photograph that Matteo Villa, an ISPI researcher, took through the statistics of the summer months published by the Ministry of Health. Membership in the range 20-29 years, with 4.5 million vaccinated, exceeds that of thirty and forty year olds: the twenty year olds who received the first dose are 75%, against 70% of 30-39 year olds and 73% of 40-49 year olds. The curve with the most constant growth is that of teenagers (12-19 years): 59% of under 20s had their first injection.

The data analysis starts from June 3, when the appointments for the vaccine were open to all age groups. Two weeks later, on June 17, Prime Minister Mario Draghi signed the first decree on green certification, which entered into force on 1 July: an “embryonic” form of the health passport, necessary to move freely in the European Union and to participate in sporting events, fairs and congresses. The real turning point came on August 6: since that day the Green Pass has become mandatory to sit indoors in restaurants and to attend museums, cinemas, theaters and stadiums, as well as gyms and swimming pools, and to be able to access events, conferences and congresses. From 1 September the certification is also necessary for traveling on trains and airplanes, and soon the obligation could be extended to public employees and there is also discussion on private ones.

In July and August, 24.7% of 30-year-olds, 35.5% of 20-year-olds and 37.7% of 12-19 year-olds were vaccinated. This means that 52% and 43% more of the 30-39 year olds were vaccinated, respectively, in their twenties and teens. Despite the summer months, the lower risk for young people of death or hospitalization in case of infection and the controversy over the usefulness of vaccinating the youngest, the under 30s rushed to the vaccination hubs. And, as the numbers show, it was the introduction of the Green Pass to push them to immunization: the data of the last two months show a constant decrease in new vaccinations with increasing age. A trend that has also occurred in France and in Great Britain, where young people have responded well to the vaccination campaign.


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