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Afghanistan, Taliban announce they have taken control of Panshir

Some of the insurgents were defeated while the rest “fled the valley,” said Mujahid who assures the people of Panshir that there will be no discrimination against them: “You are all our brothers; we will serve together for a goal and a nation” .

Ahmad Massoud, the leader of Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NFR), announced on Sunday that his group was ready to stop the fighting if the Taliban stopped “their attacks and military movement in Panjshir and Andarab”. The NRF also announced the killing of its high commander Fahim Dashtay in the attack by the Taliban. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the NRF in a Twitter message said: “We are bombed by Pakistani drones, we are under the direct invasion of the ISI (Pakistani spy agency)”.

The resistance: “We will continue to fight” – The anti-Taliban resistance force in the Afghan Panshir valley has announced that it will continue to fight: a few hours after the Taliban’s announcement that it has taken “total” control of the valley, the National Resistance Front (Nfr) has claimed to be present in “strategic positions” throughout the valley, adding that “the fight against the Taliban and their partners will continue”.

Anti-Taliban resistance spokesman killed – Fahim Dashti, the spokesman for the group fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, was killed in a battle. This was reported by two resistance officials. Dashti was the voice of the anti-Taliban group and a prominent media personality during previous governments.

US Secretary of State Blinken left for Qatar – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken left for Qatar on his first trip since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Blinken’s goal is to seek a united front with allies. The wealthy Gulf emirate is a center for diplomacy over Afghanistan and its rulers have maintained close ties with former Afghan rebels, in power since mid-August.


Afghanistan Taliban announce control Panshir

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