Cisano Fire, the dramatic testimonies of the displaced: “Perhaps malicious, first an explosion then hell”

Cisano Fire, the dramatic testimonies of the displaced: “Perhaps malicious, first an explosion then hell”
Cisano Fire, the dramatic testimonies of the displaced: “Perhaps malicious, first an explosion then hell”

Cisano sul Neva. Bruno Piras lives with his wife and mother-in-law in one of the houses displaced following the vast fire that developed this morning in Cisano sul Neva (in particular in Cenesi, Enesi and Piccaro).

Just like several families, Mr. Piras was too forced to leave his home threatened by the stake. In these minutes, several fire brigade teams and civil protection volunteers supported by two helicopters and two canadaires are working tirelessly on the site of the fire.

At the moment, there is still no official news on the origin of the fire. But Mr. Piras, while observing with concern the spread of the flames, explains to the microphones of “We had seen the flames that were first licking the other side and now they have arrived here. The feeling that it is malicious. I was returning from Pietra Ligure and there were three distinct fire fronts. We managed to recover two dogs and we also have two cats, one we have recovered but the other not. We live right where the fire is burning now, let’s hope it doesn’t get to the house. An incredible disaster ”.


A concern, that of the displaced, also shared by first citizen of Albenga Riccardo Tomatis, rushed to the site of the fire (not far from the border with the Municipality of Ingauno) together with Deputy Mayor of Cisano on the Neva Guido Rossi. Furthermore, the Municipal Operational Center (COC) was activated in these minutes at the Municipality of Albenga.

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Big fire in Cisano: firefighters and canadair mobilized

Currently the primary concern of rescuers is lto make people and homes threatened by flames safe. While the evacuation plan is also ready as a precaution, should conditions make it necessary.

Here it is instead the testimony of Andrea C., 34 years old, residing in via Pineta, a few steps from the crossroads between Cisano Sul Neva and Cenesi. He was the first in the area to notice the huge fire which devastated the hinterland of the Albenganese district and ran down the street to alert the neighbors and residents of the area, literally ringing house by house.

After the great concern, he gave an interview to the microphones of, retracing those hectic hours, while the shutdown operations of the pyre that has spread like a patch.

“It all happened around 11.30 – he said – Before a loud bang, similar to a rifle shot. We are used to here, but my terrace overlooks the forest that was the object of the fire and when I went out I saw the wall of fire ”.

So much concern and my first thought was for my partner and my daughter, just one and a half years old. I made them go away, then together with a friend, who drove the vehicle, I secured our 7 dogs, transported to Alassio on a van used for transporting animals ”, he continued.

“But the 34-year-old didn’t leave as well. After leaving the van, he immediately went down to the street: “Having secured my family, I immediately thought of my neighbors and local residents. I know everyone and we are on excellent terms: I had to warn them, especially those who, with their backs to the woods, might not have noticed what had happened and the flames ‘ran’ towards the road at great speed ”.

And it was just like that: “I went to play to everyone, house by house. People answered me, obviously amazed, and many, realizing what had happened, left their homes. Meantime, I was trying to contact the emergency services but the lines were all clogged ”.

“So I went up to the crossroads between Cenesi and Cisano, which also leads to the woods, and together with a friend, Fabio F., we stayed on the roadside waiting for the fire brigade, civil protection and law enforcement agencies and to warn motorists in transit. I was seriously afraid of having to leave my home, ”concluded the 34-year-old.

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