the redevelopment is stopped but there are those who walk on the roofs

the redevelopment is stopped but there are those who walk on the roofs
the redevelopment is stopped but there are those who walk on the roofs

In the area of ​​the former General Markets, no workers have been seen for a long time. On the other hand, two people were spotted in the morning of 6 September. Balanced on the roof of one of the buildings to be redeveloped.

The rooftop walk

The presence of the two intruders in short shorts did not go unnoticed among the residents of Ostiense. Those who live in that quadrant constantly monitor what is happening inside the former “ration establishment”. And so the unlikely walk was immediately noticed and immortalized with photographic shots, the images of which were disseminated on the social channels of the neighborhood.

Waiting for the relaunch

And on the other hand, not even the large amount of waste that, under the Settimia Spizzichino bridge, was abandoned in the area of ​​the former Markets did not go unnoticed. “They have been there for about two years, despite the reports,” noted Laura, a resident. A pile of garbage that clashes with the intentions of relaunching a site, closed in 2002, and since then at the center of continuous promises of relaunch. Constantly disregarded. In the absence of news, there are those who have also advanced the hypothesis of using the area to build the future stadium of Roma.

The stadium of Roma

The construction of a sports facility for the Giallorossi property, in a quadrant where public transport can count on metro B and Roma Lido stops, must however deal with the previous and painful redevelopment project. Suffered because it also led to an internal laceration of the 5-star Movement, split in half on the hypothesis of a relaunch. The Capitol line prevailed but, despite the promises of the Raggi junta that had announced that it had signed a resolution that would “revive a piece of the city”, that project never took off.

A wound that never healed

While waiting to clarify what the future of the former General Markets will be, the space continues to be insecure, apparently abandoned. Subject of frequent occupations and subsequent evictions. An attractor of degradation, rather than a driving force for the economy and for the development of services in the Ostiense quadrant. In September 2017, the mayor, in the press conference announcing the resolution on redevelopment, had declared that “the former General Markets had up to then represented” a wound with which Roman citizens, all of us, had to live with “. The wound has not yet healed and the space, as the images show, remains at everyone’s mercy.


redevelopment stopped walk roofs

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