Intel CEO Gelsinger is confident: “We will have many AMD Zen moments” in the future

Intel CEO Gelsinger is confident: “We will have many AMD Zen moments” in the future
Intel CEO Gelsinger is confident: “We will have many AMD Zen moments” in the future

Pat Gelsinger has no doubts, in the next years Intel will experience different “Zen moments”. The CEO of the US microchip giant, interviewed by financial analyst Pierre Ferragu, believes that in the coming years his engineers will bring disruptive innovations, able to change the scenario and put the company back on the right path to compete and grow.

Talking about “momento Zen“An analogy is made with AMD’s return to competitiveness in the x86 CPU market after really difficult years, marked by problems not only technological but above all financial. The Zen architecture, introduced by AMD in 2017 with the Ryzen 1000 CPUs, it has drastically improved the performance of the company’s microprocessors in a path that culminated with the Ryzen 5000 based on Zen 3 architecture.

The AMD Zen architecture has improved CPI by 52% over the previous FX series Steamroller

After years of stagnant architectures and almost total immobility on the production process front due to major problems in their development, the return of Gelsinger and a procurement campaign among engineers to enhance the company’s know-how bring a new wind in Intel, opening a different season starting with the new Alder Lake CPUs.

According to Gelsinger they are on their way not one but “three Zen moments” for Intel: the first Alder Lake, the hybrid processor (here an insight) based on two different cores to ensure high performance and low consumption. The second concerns the GPU, with Gelsinger very confident enough to say that Intel will start “to be able to really put pressure on NVIDIA for the first time“The company recently talked not only about Xe HPG, the architecture with which it intends to compete with Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs, but also about Ponte Vecchio, the Xe HPC project for accelerators for supercomputers.

Finally, the IPU (Infrastructure Processing Unit), a programmable networking device designed to enable cloud and communications service providers to reduce CPU load and speed up network operations.

“And believe me, we have some that are still taking shape in our labs that we can’t wait to talk about and that we believe will be a rather important step forward and far superior to everything we have talked about so far “, explained Gelsinger, adding that the “geeks” are back at Intel, that is, passionate people who put innovation and performance at the center.

Gelsinger also talked about how Intel must work hard to regain the trust of the datacenter and cloud world, where CPU AMD EPYC in recent years they have proved to be a formidable opponent and have eroded market share to the Xeon range. Also in recent weeks, Intel has unveiled its first response with the CPUs codenamed Sapphire Rapids arriving in 2022.

As for the AMD danger, we need to make better products, period. So we will make better products, they have enjoyed a time when we have not done well. [] We believe that we are entering a period in which we will be very competitive. Now with Ice Lake, Sapphire Rapids and Diamond Rapids we are in a period where we will be very competitive e 3-4 years from now, I believe we will be in a sustained leadership position again“.

In this run-up to competitiveness, the production processes: if on the one hand Intel has unveiled a renewed roadmap regarding its technologies, on the other with Gelsinger it opens up even more markedly to the use of external foundries such as TSMC. For the CEO of Intel it is use the best technologies to provide the best product.“I really left free field to my engineers to offer the best product. Point. They are not bound, they can choose the technologies to create the best products in the category“.

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