Large forest fire in Cisano, firefighters mobilized: several houses evacuated

Large forest fire in Cisano, firefighters mobilized: several houses evacuated
Large forest fire in Cisano, firefighters mobilized: several houses evacuated

Cisano sul Neva. Update 2.30 pm Firefighters and forest firefighting volunteers continue to work from the ground, in particular to defend the homes and kennels in the Cenesi area. The evacuation plan is also ready as a precaution, should conditions make it necessary. The Municipal Operations Center was activated in the Municipality of Albenga.

Update at 13.55 As evidence of the severity of the fire, two Canadair and another helicopter have just arrived at the fire. Meanwhile, the deputy mayor of Cisano sul Neva, Guido Rossi, has also arrived on the spot (where the mayor of Albenga Riccardo Tomatis has also been present for a few minutes). At this moment, the priority for the rescuers remains that of putting out of danger the inhabitants of the houses located in the areas affected by the flames (in particular in Cenesi, Enesi and Piccaro). Many people have already been evacuated, for others (at the moment not yet dangerously threatened by the fire) the assessments of the case are underway.

Update 13.45 The Region, through a note, has made it known that the evaluations of the director of extinguishing operations are underway with respect to the request for intervention by the canadair. In the meantime, the fire extinguishing operations continue unabated.

Update 13.13 According to what has been learned, two loud explosions were heard from the site of the fire. The wind is favoring the spread of the flames making the work of the rescuers even more difficult. Who are trying to stem the fire so that it does not reach the surrounding houses. Several roads were interrupted in the area affected by the flames. In these minutes the mayor of Albenga Riccardo Tomatis is also going to the site of the fire.

Update 12.44 A few kilometers from the fire, there are already several checkpoints set up by the police to invite motorists to turn back. Some homes have reportedly already been evacuated. The blanket of smoke is visible from miles away. There are currently several fire brigade teams and civil protection volunteers on site. In support of the men on the ground, a fire brigade helicopter is also arriving in these minutes.

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Big fire in Cisano: firefighters and canadair mobilized


A fire developed in the late morning in the hinterland of Cisano sul Neva, in the hamlet of Cenesi, near Mount Piccaro.

Several fire brigade teams are directed to the scene in these minutes.

At the moment, the dynamics of the accident are not yet clear.

Updates in progress.


Large forest fire Cisano firefighters mobilized houses evacuated

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