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Latest Rome News of 06-09-2021 at 13:10

Latest Rome News of 06-09-2021 at 13:10
Latest Rome News of 06-09-2021 at 13:10

romadailynews radiogiornale Ben rediscovered collected by the editorial staff by Vitale in the studio new recall of Mattarella innovax not vaccinating against covid and also endangers the lives of others. which defines getting vaccinated as a civic duty Meanwhile, the G20 continues today Health Hope sees the conditions to build the fact that Rome will guarantee vaccines even in the most fragile countries in Afghanistan yesterday the Rebels said they were available a truce denying by announcing that they had occupied strategic positions and that they were ready to fight again in the meantime, the formation of the new Taliban government, Zagaria, of leader of a pizzeria Al fata active in the West Bank, in the second invites evaded from the Italian prison dia The other 5 detainees defined as terrorists by the military radio according to the broadcaster would have dug a tunnel under the prison watchtower for months The escape was discovered This morning it is not known whether fugiaschi headed to the nearby West Bank to Jordan if we are still in Israeli territory legal cleaners are also looking for him with drones and helicopters the news was greeted with enthusiasm by all websites for Palestinians and after closing the session on Friday on the highs of the last ten years, the price of aluminum inaugurates the week of trading in further upside touching tonight or London Metal Exchange 2775 dollars from tons maximum level From May 2011 to give the Stura to a new wave of purchases yesterday’s news of the coup in the African state of Guinea that the main world exporter of mineral bauxite needed the production of Lumina which from which aluminum is obtained in strong rise also in Shanghai where has touched 21984 the ton Meanwhile the coup leaders claim to have captured the president announce the curfew and now we are talking about Scuola Marcello Pacifico, president of the ANIEF substitute union for this beginning of the school year but also for the role of the last phase of the first facade of PS This distance what is due is due to the fact that in these hours the territorial departments are canceling by canceling the appointments that they have made again due to an arc that has gone mad we as ANIEF had reported we would have liked more time to go and test the system On the other hand, the operation of the first update of the band of the additional lists of the provincial GPS for the substitutions where I remember they are hired from where more than 250 thousand temporary workers are hired every year this year the 10,000 have assumed the role they serve precisely the reality should serve to streamline the work after after the scrolling of the rankings to exhaustion Unfortunately there are many errors the regional school offices did not correct the rankings in time errors complaints the cancellation of the sweet appointments prepared as in the case of Puglia for example and therefore this what brings us the union to open an extraordinary window to receive all complaints Complaints make complaints available and try to get the seats to those entitled in this school year that it really is This year is starting under the ugliest of guests It’s all Good continuation of Ascoli
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