«Hospitalizations, scenario-2 in Verona. In intensive care 80% not vaccinated ». Mo …

«Hospitalizations, scenario-2 in Verona. In intensive care 80% not vaccinated ». Mo …
«Hospitalizations, scenario-2 in Verona. In intensive care 80% not vaccinated ». Mo …

From the headquarters of the civil protection of Marghera, the press conference of the president of Veneto Luca Zaia on the situation of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations in the region.


Over 13 million tampons since February 2020. In the last 24 hours 274 positives about 13 thousand tampons (on Sunday there is a drop in tampons), incidence of 2.1%.

458,000 positives since the beginning of the pandemic.

+9 hospitalizations (+6 in non-critical area and +3 in intensive care), 22,000 hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic. 11,708 deaths in Veneto since the beginning of the pandemic.

«The curve is not bending, we have some realities that pass from scenario 1 to scenario 2. In Verona and Padua we are in the initial stages of scenario 2, which indicates a greater severity and occupancy of beds. Without vaccinations, we would have collapsed hospitals: over 80% of ICU admissions are unvaccinated, 70% overall of those hospitalized ».


«The vaccination campaign must be promoted, respecting everyone’s ideas. In addition to no-vax, there are also those who are afraid to get vaccinated: the government is not informing citizens. The green steps introduced for certain categories is not absurd. There are, however, some vulnerabilities: for example, no one guarantees free swabs to non-vaccinable persons: it would be necessary to exempt the ticket ».


“I hope we can get the third dose and flu at the same time, if the health authorities allow it”


The “portfolio” of available therapies is increasing. Monoclonals can now be administered even if there are no patient specific risk factors. The general practitioner can go online for patients requiring monoclonal therapies, or the doctor can contact the center and specialists directly.

In Italy 8,434 treatments so far, in Veneto 1,167 (109 in the last week alone).

Out of 738 “closed cases” with monoclonals, 89% recovered without going to hospital, 10% ended up in hospital and there are five deaths, of which four are covid-related. Well tolerated drug: only 3% of adverse reactions, but all mild. Also treated patients in RSA and also a pregnant woman.

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