Covid, in one country the fourth dose is already being considered: here is which one

Covid, in one country the fourth dose is already being considered: here is which one
Covid, in one country the fourth dose is already being considered: here is which one

In Italy, the debate is firm as to whether or not one is needed third dose vaccine, while, in the last press conference, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi also expressed his intention to return it is mandatory to be immunized against the coronavirus. For the moment, as some political forces have mentioned, the vaccination obligation is in force only in a small number of countries: none of which are European – here is a complete list.

Third dose, who is for and who is against in the world

Abroad, there is no lack of those who have expressed themselves in favor of a third dose of the vaccine. There Germany it has in fact gone from words to deeds: here the third sting for citizens is scheduled for September. Undecided Great Britain. Contrary instead the United States.

However, there is a country that has not only moved forward with the third round of immunizations, but is also discussing a possible fourth dose, thus continuing to play the forerunner role that it actually won at the beginning of the global vaccination campaign.

Which country is it?

Which country is discussing giving citizens the fourth dose

It is about Israel. For the country’s experts, the vaccine will have to be some sort of periodic recall. It should be remembered that Israel also went ahead with the administration of a third dose to the inhabitants, after successfully completing, and first of all, the immunization of the population with the first dose and with the booster.

However, there were several critical issues which could be observed following the ups and downs of the curve of infections, hospitalizations and intensive care in Israel. It seems that the strategy of national virologists, based solely on the vaccination campaign to stem the spread of the coronavirus, has not proved effective: in the absence of restrictions able to strengthen the shield offered by vaccines, infections have risen despite the goals achieved.

There is more, as reiterated also in Italy, and in Israel by virologist-vip Salman Zark it is possible that in view of the next doses the vaccines will be updated to keep pace with the increased contagiousness of the variants: it is known, for example, that the Delta is able to reduce – but not by much – the effectiveness of the preparations. Including the Pfizer, which in Israel has been used almost exclusively.


Covid country fourth dose considered

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