Yellow zone: the new data of the regions. Here is who risks from 13 September – Chronicle

Yellow zone: the new data of the regions. Here is who risks from 13 September – Chronicle
Yellow zone: the new data of the regions. Here is who risks from 13 September – Chronicle

Rome, 6 September 2021 – The date x for any color change of the regions from next Monday September 13. The decisive day for the decision indicators (occupancy rate of beds in intensive care and in ordinary Covid wards) is tomorrow Tuesday 7 September. Weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health – on the basis of which decides the control room every Friday – takes into account those of the previous Tuesday. Last week only the Sicily remained in yellow zone, all other regions kept the white band, including the two at risk, Sardinia and Calabria. How are things now? The data of Agents (the National Agency for Regional Health Services) updated last night (Sunday 4 September) at 19.39 already provide us with a fairly precise picture: Sardinia and Calabria are always in the balance even if on the last day at least one of the two hospital parameters is improving and could justify yet another week from the white zone. No problem for the other regions.

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According to Covid Decree 23 July, to pass into the yellow zone the weekly incidence of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants must be equal to or less than 50, the rate of terapie intensive above 10% and that of ordinary departments more than 15%.

The data updated last night give a slight improvement regarding i ordinary departments: they are at 14%, down by one percentage point and below the critical threshold. On the other hand, clearly above with regard to intensive care (13%, + 1%). Everything is therefore played on the ordinary departments and is a race on the line of decimals. But with these data Sardinia would remain white.

Similar speech also for the Calabria, but with reversed parts. The rate of ordinary Covid departments is heavy (18%, therefore over the threshold). But they keep the intensive care (8%, – 1%). So for now, numbers from the white zone.

There are twelve autonomous regions / provinces that exceed the threshold of 50 weekly cases: Liguria, Basilicata, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Province of Bolzano, Sardinia, Sicily (even 176), Tuscany (94), Umbria and Veneto.

(the first number on the left is intensive care, the second is ordinary wards)

Abruzzo 3% / 6%

Basilicata 3% / 12%

Calabria 8% / 18%

Campania 6% /10%

Emilia Romagna 6% / 5%

Friuli Venezia Giulia 9% / 3%

Lazio 7% / 7%

Liguria 4% / 4%

Lombardy 4% / 6%

Walk 10% / 6%

Molise 0 / 7%

Province of Bolzano 5% / 6%

Province of Trento 0 / 3%

Piedmont 4% / 3%

Puglia 4% / 8%

Sardinia 13% / 14%

Sicily 14% / 23%

Tuscany 10% / 8%

Umbria 8% / 7%

Val d’Aosta 0 / 0 (n.d.)

Veneto 4% / 3%

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