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LIVE | Ribery, the arrival at Salernitana

LIVE | Ribery, the arrival at Salernitana
LIVE | Ribery, the arrival at Salernitana

There is great expectation in Salerno for Franck’s arrival Ribery. The French striker has chosen, the Salerno it will be his next team. After expiring his contract with the Fiorentina, now a new adventure in Italy will open up for him.

We will follow the whole day live: from the airport of Naples until he arrives in the city, where he will sign his contract before joining the team of Beavers. Here is the day in diretta live.

Direct: Salernitana, the arrival of Franck Ribery

12.00 – Here it is first Ribery grenade: neck scarf and ritual photos for the start of his new adventure.

At 4 pm the team will be presented at the stadium, then at 5.30 pm it will be the Frenchman’s turn. The medical visits of Ribery are scheduled for tomorrow morning.

11.44 – The manager Angelo arrived at the hotel Fabiani accompanied by Marchetti: the meeting between Ribery and the grenade management officially began.

10.40 – Ribery arrived at Salerno. Casual style and a smiling face for the Frenchman, ready to start his new adventure in Serie A.

09.45 – Ribery left the airport of Naples through a private passage away from journalists. The Frenchman will now reach Salerno for medical examinations and the signature. The presentation of the team at the stadium is also scheduled in the afternoon.

Photo by Simone Falciani

09.00 – The arrival of Franck Ribery at the airport of Naples is scheduled for 9.10.

08.40 – David is waiting for the player Lippi and Alan Migliaccio, who oversaw the operation.

08.30 – On Instagram, Ribery posted a photo depicting the private flight that will take him to Naples. There is a lot of anticipation from the fans.

08.20 – At the moment, all quiet at Naples airport, where Franck Ribery is expected shortly. From here, a car will then take him to Salerno.


LIVE Ribery arrival Salernitana

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